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The Smurfs Shrooms Connection

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The Smurfs Shrooms Connection
Posted: 7-Aug-1997 2:00PM CDT
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Important Note: This is a serious look at how the word Smurfs could easily be an anagram of the American-English slang term "Shrooms". There are no pictures of Smurfs on this page!

If you want serious information on the Smurfs try the Smurf's Official Website.

This connection between smurfs and shrooms was discovered Thursday, August 7, 1997.

The Connection

Remember the television show the Smurfs? We all grew up watching them; however, my friends and I were alarmed to discover that there is the possibility that the word "Smurfs" may simply be an anagram of the common Americanized English slang term "Shrooms!" The term "Shrooms" is used to refer to hallucenigenic mushrooms used as drugs. See the evidence for yourself:

  1. Reverse the spelling of Smurfs and you get SFRUMS.
  2. Remove the top line off of the F and place it to the right of the letter. (SHRUMS)
  3. Now, pronounce the U as a long U (like the U sounds in the word prune), This is the same sound as the OO sound in words like broom: SHROOMS

It seems obvious now doesn't it? The word "SMURFS" is simply the word "SHROOMS" spelled backwards. If you consider the fact that the Smurfs lived in mushrooms it makes even more sense!

This connection was discovered by Jeff along with his friends Brian Raabe and David Raney on a late summer afternoon in 1997.

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