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Posted: 17-Aug-2009 9:58AM CDT
Topics: [The Unusual and Absurd] was founded in 1999 by Jeffrey Carlyle, the Ruler of Earth, in honor of his friend Ryan Dillman. Mr. Dillman often mentions "the bad place" as a destination. During Jeff's junior year of college, he was inspired to check the availability of the domain name, and low and behold, no one had registered the domain. Jeff immediately registered the domain; however, he could never decided just what to put there. In August of 2003, Jeff decided that would become his personal journal on the web. Six years later in August of 2009, and after not updating in over two years, Jeff decided the site would be a chronicle of unusual and absurd things that he encounters in the course of his life.

Aside from Ryan, another instrumental person in the founding of is Kris Slaten. Upon finding out that Jeff had registered the domain, Kris promptly asked to be mentioned there: so Kris Slaten is a bad person.

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