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The Smurfs Shrooms Connection
Posted: 7-Aug-1997 2:00PM CDT
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Important Note: This is a serious look at how the word Smurfs could easily be an anagram of the American-English slang term "Shrooms". There are no pictures of Smurfs on this page!

If you want serious information on the Smurfs try the Smurf's Official Website.

This connection between smurfs and shrooms was discovered Thursday, August 7, 1997.

The Connection

Remember the television show the Smurfs? We all grew up watching them; however, my friends and I were alarmed to discover that there is the possibility that the word "Smurfs" may simply be an anagram of the common Americanized English slang term "Shrooms!" The term "Shrooms" is used to refer to hallucenigenic mushrooms used as drugs. See the evidence for yourself:

  1. Reverse the spelling of Smurfs and you get SFRUMS.
  2. Remove the top line off of the F and place it to the right of the letter. (SHRUMS)
  3. Now, pronounce the U as a long U (like the U sounds in the word prune), This is the same sound as the OO sound in words like broom: SHROOMS

It seems obvious now doesn't it? The word "SMURFS" is simply the word "SHROOMS" spelled backwards. If you consider the fact that the Smurfs lived in mushrooms it makes even more sense!

This connection was discovered by Jeff along with his friends Brian Raabe and David Raney on a late summer afternoon in 1997.

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Posted by an emailer on 27-Jun-1999 12:00AM CDT

June 27, 1999

Dear Mr. Carlyle,

Recently i was looking for a picture of the Smurfs and I came across a very disturbing page. It was yours. I am ashamed of you to be twisting around childrens television shows.I am just 13 years old but I am acting older than you! I was very surprised at this piece of rubbish. Please rethink your decision of putting this crap in front of the inocent eyes of small children. Some kids younger than me will be looking for smurfs also and will see this horrible page. How dare you twist a harmless tv show around like this!!!!!


Melissa Kearse and Nicole Kelly

Posted by an emailer on 16-Sep-1999 12:00AM CDT

September 16, 1999

Dear Mr. Carlyle,

People like the ones that complain about something as trivial as making fun of a fictional TV show are a reason of why discrimination still exists. If we can not laugh about things we see everyday, (provided they are not meant to intentionally harm) then how does anyone get along in life. Anything in this world can be offensive. To nit-pick things, (i.e. infringe upon someones right to free speech in your case) only shows that this person has not come to realize that many things in this world will offend people and that it is they who should adjust. Not anyone in this world has a perfect life. I applaud you on your motion to add the disclaimer about the pictures and to not back down on the point of the page because someone found it offensive.

Robert Brown

Posted by an emailer on 4-Oct-1999 12:00AM CDT

October 4, 1999

Dear Jeff,

Hi, I am a 16 year old female and I recently came over your web (shrooms/Smurfs) I thought it was a good idea, but the other night I found out that the idea of naming a drug after "SMURFS" was already put to use. This drug is ecstacy , better known as XTC, X, (rolling). They named this drug after Smurfs because it is blue.


Posted by an emailer on 13-Jul-2000 12:00AM CDT

July 13, 2000

Dear Mr. Carlyle,

Ecstacy (commonly known as "E" 'round these parts) is actually an umbrella term denoting a family of drugs whose common link is the presence of the chemical MDMA (methylenedioxymethamphetamine - try saying that ten times fast). The pills are cut with various other complimentary drugs, each different combination representing a kind of E (in theory, of course. This is drug culture we're talking about).

"Smurfs" are a type of E. Others include Mitsubishis, Supermen, Butterflies (of various colours), Elmos (also of various colours) and so forth. Each is supposedly cut with specific complimentary drugs - green Elmos supposedly contain acid, blue butterflies supposedly contain PCP, etc.

Oh, BTW, love your Smurf article.



Posted by an emailer on 11-Sep-2000 12:00AM CDT

September 11, 2000

Dear Smurf fans,

Come one what else is that hole cartoon about. You have some guy that everyone thinks is nuts. Running around after little blue people that live in mushrooms. And if he captures them he can do such this as turn them into gold. I love the Smurfs growing up, but now that I have tried shrooms. I wunder if such cartoons are there only to guid people to such herbs, and those who never try such things they well never understand.

They are nothing to play with. The only think i can say to anyone that want to eat shrooms, be very open minded, and read up on what will happen to you, and you'll alwas come back from shrums. Maybe not the same person though.

Papa Smurf

Posted by an emailer on 19-Nov-2000 12:00AM CST

November 19, 2000

I read your article because I have been told thatthe origin of smurfs came from something demonic and I was trying to findout about that before letting my 8 year old continue to watch the show. I believe you're probably on to something after all huffing came around after scratch'n sniff stickers and scented markers. Thanks for the great information.

A Concerned Parent

Posted by an emailer on 14-Dec-2000 12:00AM CST

December 14, 2000

Dear Smurfs/Shrooms Fans,

I grew up to the Smurfs as a child and all I thought about was cool little blue guys who lived in mushroom houses in an enchanted forest who tried to live there lives without the bad people (Gargamel, Azreal) trying to turn them into gold or eat them. It was a great flick, but now that I have become a man I have a good idea about the whole smurfs idea.

The smurfs were always happy living in there mushroom houses (taking shrooms) until Gargamel (police/society) would try to catch them and hurt them in some way. Essentially this means that shrooms are great and should be used for anyone that wants to expand their mind, the whole structure of their belief system. For example, when Smurfet was created, she was created through Gargamel. When he created her she was even, hideous looking. After the Smurfs saved her and brought her back to their mushroom village she became beautiful and happy, loosing all memory of the bad person she once was.

Shrooms are great for anyone who likes a complete dimensional change on reality. Shrooms should not be taken by anyone who believe what they have been told all their lives, or people who think that sobriety is the only right way, otherwise you will weird out for hours and could very well hurt yourself or others. Take responsibly.


Posted by an emailer on 21-Dec-2000 12:00AM CST

December 21, 2000

Hey Jeffrey..

Greece z with u...i totally agree thatsmurfs=shrooms!and why not?i am 20 and i grew upwatchin smurfs(my favourite cartoon andnow)!besides..smurfs r blue,small and they can give uthe perfect trip ha?:)))

Posted by an emailer on 1-Jan-2001 12:00AM CST

January 1, 2001

Dear people,

Anyone who thinks this webpage is bad is 1st off Dumb and 2nd of allhis way of "sick" thinking as some people would say makes perfectsense. Think about it The smurfs were always happy why is that becausethey live in huge shrooms. I would be happy if I lived in a big shroomfor a house. How come they always thought about peace and love onlypeople or (Smurfs) on some type of drug would only want love and peace Imean Papa Smurf could use magic and everything now if he didn't want theevil guy Gargamel always trying to eat them why didn't he just use somemagic to kill him or something. Also think about this when was the showthe smurfs made. Back in the 60's everything back in the 60's was druginduced. That is like saying Alice in wonder land doesn't have a bigcatapillar who was smoking opium in it or, just saying that whole movieisn't drug related. Also I am not saying this to be mean but who eversaid that "E" pills are blue needs to get out more often cause "E" comesin all different colors. Like a few days ago I got a pikachu "E" pill itwas yellow with a little tiny black lighting bolt on it. Also why wouldthey call a "E" pill a white zorro if it was blue. Well anyway I hopeyou can all reconsider your thoughts about this web page. People need tobe more open minded about these things.

David K.

Posted by an emailer on 9-Jan-2001 12:00AM CST

January 9, 2001


personally I really like your thinking :)But did nobody think of the fact that the smurfs wereoriginally not called smurfs at all (I mean, theystill are from Belgium, right)-- it seems someAmerican people are still not aware that there aresome other countries outside their borders... and noteverything is coming from here :)And if Peyo wouldn't have taken shrooms... why wouldthey live in a fly agaric :-)So long and I hope you will still have fun with allthat offended people...


Posted by an emailer on 12-Jan-2001 12:00AM CST

January 12, 2001

Fair enough, Smurfs backwards maybe be shrooms. But there is a moresinister part of the Smurfs that you have over-looked. That is that theSmurfs was propoganda for communism and anti-semitism. There are manywebsites on the net that go into great detail about why this is thecase.

Type "smurfs and communism" and see what you find. It is veryinteresting.

Nice idea as well.

Posted by an emailer on 6-Feb-2001 12:00AM CST

February 6, 2001

Hi there Jeff,

I guess that the only thing that i have to sayabout your shroom theory is that is absolutly true. I have heard about this theory since 7th grade. I am now a senior. You can see drugs in just about every cool cartoon if you just look for them. In "Scooby Doo", when the whole crew opens the door to the "Mystery Machine", if you look you can see smoke rolling around inside the van. Its right in the begining of every show. Love the article, a little far fetched with the moving of lines and all.

Faithful cartoon observer,

Marvin The Martian

p.s. S.W.E.D. forever!!!! Start spreadingthe word of SWED. If you want to know what it stands for: listen toThe Cronic(by Dr. DRE). Its at the very end of one of his songs.

Posted by an emailer on 14-May-2001 12:00AM CDT

May 14, 2001

ok i wasn't gonna right you guys got it but some got it mixed up

ok smurfs live in mushrooms because when u eat musrooms (aka the smurfs house) the smurfs have no where to hide thus u see lil blue men when ur trippin

gargamel not the police quite the contrary hes a drug dealer look at himm all cracked out and dirty and hes not always lookin for the smurfs hes mostly looking for their village

and the gold thing if a drug dealer find shrooms he'll turn them into gold by srllin thanx for you time and this site

Posted by an emailer on 24-May-2001 12:00AM CDT

May 24, 2001

i say your site thought you like to here a few more cartoon drugies just thought i'd mention some other drug/cartoon caracters such as "mary jane" or "MJ" spiderman's girlfriend not to mention the fact he can walk on walls and shoot spider webs or at least in his mind any way(i think his pot was laced)

and of course scooby doo and shaggy. the smoke in the van in the begining and they always have the munchies and come on shaggy eats scoobie snacks all the time youd have to be stoned to do that and besides they're always paranoid' and sneaking away from the rest of the group (to smoke a doobie). To top that off shaggy talks to his dog its obvious the guys been smokin the stuff hardcore since he was 15 the guy is the definition of a burnout nothin but road trips and gravity bongs for this guy.

The Joker You would have to be trippin' to wear clothes that psychadelic. After getting beat up every day, he is still laughing. He can't even stop that huge smile, because he is so high. I think him and the Riddler have parties and smoke out together.

Speedy Gonzales [Yippa Yippa Needa Las Drugas!!!] This guy has had way too much speed. He's even named after it. Has this rat ever gotten tired? Gargamel (From the Smurfs) Most likely LSD or acid. Spends his life in pursuit of little blue guys in sissy white outfits and mentally abusing his cat. What does he plan to do with the blue dwarfs when he catches them anyway?

Olive Oyl Probably Dexatrim abuse, maybe some amphetamines. Who is that skinny?! She might even be anorexic, she is always giving her burger to her friend. Popeyes on PCP and marijuana his "spinach" is the source of all his strength. much like PCP it makes him stronger he no longer feels any pain. Bluto (popeyes rival) is on steroids just look at the guy need i say more.and wimpy (the fat guy eating hamburgers)is a pothead and if you ever met him you could instantly identify him as a burnout.

there are many more these are just the tip of the iceberg

Posted by an emailer on 24-May-2001 12:00AM CDT
From: ApocalypseXzero
Sent: Monday, June 04, 2001 10:35 PM
Subject: the smurfs shrooms thing


i was surprised to read your article. after finishing it i came to the conclusion that this was the most jackass thing i've ever read in my life. first of all, why the hell would anyone go through all that trouble to do all that crap with the word SHROOMS just so they could put it in a cartoon? secondly, who cares? if you think about crazy shit like that you should keep it to yourself. thirdly, take down your webpage. it just makes you look more stupid than you already do. i mean, come on! it's not a government conspiracy. they aren'tt trying to screw us over using the harmless cartoon "THE SMURFS" .

please, for your's and our sake get a life, stop looking at kiddie porn(which someone like you probably do), and grow up!

that's my opinion. like or not....................

apocalypse xzero

Posted by an emailer on 8-Jun-2001 12:00AM CDT

June 8, 2001


Hey, this is Pete, the Founder/Operator of

Just saw your Smurfs/Shrooms page and wanted to comment on something very few Americans seem to know. The Smurfs were "invented" in Belgium in 1958. They were an American pop phenomenon in the 80's and that is what most people associate with them. Most people don't realize the were already popular in Europe and elsewhere around the world for 20 years. And the Smurfs did not "end" with the 80's, they are still popular, shown on TV and recognized by children around the world *except* in the US.

The true history of the Smurfs clashes with just about every theory, and there are lots of theories, most are peppered with misinformation about the Smurfs, skewed towards the authors beliefs and perceived insights, and contain little to no facts to back up the assertation.

The U.S. Smurfs are different in many ways from the "real" Smurfs which debuted in print. For example, some stories were never made into cartoons or sold as figures in the US because it was felt they were too controversial for the US. (European children's tales tend to be a bit more grim than parents in the US will tolerate.) One story is about a bug that makes the Smurfs turn black, hop around and bite other Smurfs on the tail, who then catch the disease. This Smurf was made as one of the popular figurines in Europe, but was never sold in the US because of fears it would be seen as some kind of comment on African Americans. Instead, the cartoon version of this story makes the Smurfs turn purple. Another figurine never released in the US was a Smurf with a sledgehammer, seen as problematic because some parents might feel it promotes violence.

Seens to me they were very conscious of how the Smurfs would be seen. It just doesn't jive with all the nonsense about them trying to promote communism and such.

Make no mistake, Smurfs are big business. The driving mechanism behind their image etc. is making money. Corporations don't make money by trying to sway children towards illegal drugs they cannot personally profit from, or by trying to plant the seeds of Communism in young minds. In marketing the Smurfs they strove solely to create a wholesome, likable image that children would like and parents would buy into. The amount of Smurf related items is dizzying. You can buy anything with a Smurf on it, including yes, LSD blotter paper and pills featuring the Smurfs. Smurfs are hot in the Techno scene right now, I mean for fashion, although yes, they are on the drugs too.

Anyway, thanks for another laugh, and sure, go ahead and print this. If anyone wants to debate that any particular Smurf theory *is* true, come to and bring it up on my bulletin board where Smurf collectors and fans from around the globe will argue with them until they are blue in the face.

I am especially interested in discovering when the Communist theories were first published.

Please reply to if you care to...


Posted by Jeff on 8-Jun-2001 12:00AM CDT
As of some time in January 2003, became I blame lawyers.
Posted by Jeff on 8-Jun-2001 12:00AM CDT

Sent: Wednesday, June 14, 2001 10:45 PM
To: ApocalypseXzero
Subject: RE: the smurfs shrooms thing


I was surprised to read your email. After finishing it I came to the conclusion that this was the most jackass thing I've ever read in my life. First of all, why the hell would anyone believe that I actually thought the Smurfs had anything to do with 'shrooms? Secondly, who cares? If you cannot correctly identify satire, you should keep it to yourself. Thirdly, stop sending emails. It just correctly identifies that you lack intelligence. I mean, come on! It's not a government conspiracy. I'm not trying to make you believe that there is anything wrong with the harmless cartoon featuring the Smurfs.

Please for your own sake realize that I have a life and am an adult. Also, in the future please refrain from attempting to identify what someone like me probably does. (And no, I don't look at "kiddie porn.")

That's my opinion. I don't care if you like it or not.

// Jeffrey Coleman Carlyle: Ruler of Earth! <>
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Posted by an emailer on 14-Jun-2001 12:00AM CDT

June 14, 2001


ofcourse that there is a connection btween shrooms and smurrfs....  smurfs live inside mushrooms
and r magical creatures too who nobody can see...
i luv smurfs
i luv shrooms too
Posted by an emailer on 12-Jul-2001 12:00AM CDT

July 12, 2001

i loved your smurf shrooms thing. i tripped on fourth of july and we rented an old smurf video, put it on mute, and popped in a little pink floyd and let me tell you, for that moment of time, everything made sense. it was so good. and for those of you who all thing shrooms are bad and this article sucks and is immature-get over yourselves and dont knock something until you try it. i wish i was a smurf...

x, annie

Posted by an emailer on 31-Jul-2001 12:00AM CDT

July 31, 2001

Well let me tell you my experience with the smurfs.... I am 28 yrs old.But when this happened I was 11 yrs old and my little brother was 9 yrs old. My mom bought us a box of the Smurf berry crunch Cereal the kind that came with a free poster of the happy little blue people. Well I remember that evening so well still to this day it gives me a creepy feeling. My little brother and I were playing in our room pretending it was a movie theatre and we were using the smurf berry crunch cereal as popcorn, Ya know dry cereal in a bowl.. anyhow previously we had hung the poster that was got from the cereal an the wall above the foot of my brothers bed (we shared a room) there was an endtable also at the foot of his bed. well we went to sleep that night and we had left the cereal in the bowl on the end table.. I had been laying down for about 20 minutes maybe and I felt someone throwing things at me I automatically thought it was my Brother so i told him to stop, But then it hit me again but this time harder. So I got up and turned on my lamp and NO SH*T there was a little blue smurf standing on the table throwing the cereal and laughing. My brother woke from my yelling and he also seen the smurf I looked at the poster and it was pure white.. The smurf was translucent. Then I automatically grabbed the poster without thinking and tore it up and the blue smurf disapeard.. I think they are demonistic.So that is my experience with the creepy little suckers.... Look up what smurf means in German... (little blue devil) thats my story and its all true!!

Posted by an emailer on 24-Aug-2001 12:00AM CDT

August 24, 2001

Wow! Ican't beleive how many people are able to identify the smurfs w/ majic mushrooms. First of all I don't do shrums, but do see the strong connection w/ this and many other popular artforms available to the consumers purchase. My favourite example is not the smurfs but the SuperMarioBros. Many of the software programmers I know have created some of the most ahaed of the times/groundbreaking developments in programming while under the influence of philosifer stones (mushrooms). I have also observed this in the audio/music industry and in NASA, LockHeed-Martin, Boeing etc. This makes it easy for me to imagine that the creation of animation can have people/artists with similar habits of drug consumption.

I actually found this site looking for the Euro-Smurfs "Die-Shlumpfs". In my german language it does mean little blue devil and thus is born the Cartoon. On the other hand it also means "sleep" which may be elaborated with dreaming. After reading all these articles I have been impressed most by the theorey of Gargamel being a drug dealer turning Die Schlumpfs (The Smurfs) into money.

Finally, I would like to support the Mushroom theory because I have observed it in so many other artforms and I myself am an Electronics Engineer who is helping the world acheive time travel so that we, God's childeren may survive the trials of time by using time travel to journey into the vast universe to find new homes. Even I have smoked Ganja to focus my thoughts on a complex but very specific task. I'm not trying to say that drugs make people smart but they do impare the brain's ability to rapidly change thoughts so you may more easily concentrate on one thing in great depth/ detail. Staying drug free is a sure way of keeping your i.q. high but some chemichals will cause some people to create never before thought of or original ideas/arts like the smurfs, leading to expanded perception and higher i.q. It is important to point out that whatever you can acheive under the influence is always your available potential and is not dependant on chemicals. It is always there for the unlocking-- to learn is the nature of inteligence.

Ryan Lee Helmer

Any-one may E-Mail me to learn more about time-travel or comment on anything I wrote.

Posted by an emailer on 24-Aug-2001 12:00AM CDT

August 24, 2001


I agree with the idea that the cartoon SMURFS is infact drug related, but then again arent all the great cartoons that you used to watch as a child? One big example of my conjecture is the movie "Alice in Wonderland". where the character alice falls through a rabbit whole (symbolizing going into a trip) and meeting all sorts of differnt creatures and having weird expierences that is all a bunch of nonsense. which is exactly what happens when you take any type of hallucinegetic drug. So the thoughts of the smurfs are infact true. because with the smurfs it symbolizes the goverment (gargamel) who is trying to bring down the drug users (smurfs) by trying to take away their crops (smurf berries) or incatcerate them and take away all that they own (capture the smurfs to make them into gold). so thats what the smurfs is all about. Its a parallel to the real life war on drugs, the only difference is that the goverment isnt always getting plunderd by the drug users, where as the smurfs always come out on top because of the cartoonists view on drugs, that if america was actually free, well everyone would be happy singing "la la la la la la la, la la la la la" and eating some damn smurf berry cake!

Posted by an emailer on 7-Sep-2001 12:00AM CDT

September 7, 2001

Hello smurf man, my name is Lucas. I am not here to bad mouth youor what you have written about the smurfs. Personally, I don't give a damn about the smurfs. Everybody is saying, "Don't bad mouth the smurfs! They are for kids! Blah blah blah." Have you eversat down and watched The Teli Tubbies? The guy thatmade that show probably took so many shrooms, hedidn't even know his own name. And now, cartoonnetwork is coming out with "adult" cartoons? The webis FILLED with porno! And a bunch of little kids arecrying about the smurfs? Screw them. What I reallye-mailed you about is, would you happen to know anygood shroom sites? Mainly about growing? If you do,please e-mail them to me. Thank you very much. Andif you or anybody else would like to chat about theSMURFS=SHROOMS theory, please write to me. I have alot of free time to spend while my "buddies" aresprouting. he he he... Thanks a bunch,

Lucas (

Posted by an emailer on 15-Sep-2001 12:00AM CDT

September 15, 2001

Dear Shroom Dude,

The fact that the show Smurfs is directly related to shrooms developed long before 1997 as you say. Anyone who has ever taken shrooms can easily see that the creators of that show were under the influence of some severe drugs, but that can be said for the crators of just about any successful cartoon. Hallucinagenic substances have been inspiring tradesmen such as artist, musicians and writers for decades, and even centuries. Jesus Christ was known to eat black bread mold, a powerfully hallucinagenic substance that was known to grow on rye bread throughout biblical times. The creator of the Smurfs was probably just a druggie like me who had a good trip and wanted to share it with the world.


Posted by an emailer on 6-Oct-2001 12:00AM CDT

October 6, 2001

after reading your "evidence" supporting the idea of smurfs being an anogram of shrooms, i've concluded that this hypothesis came to you while being bored out of your mind, and making long connections to the 2 words. sorry buddy, smufs doesnt mean shrooms. dumbass.

Posted by Jeff on 6-Oct-2001 12:00AM CDT
I'm a dumbass? He's the one that took me seriously.
Posted by an emailer on 6-Oct-2001 12:00AM CDT

October 6, 2001

The Smurfs were not originally written in English. I believe it was written in French, and the word used was "Schtroumpfs." This word was later translated into english as Smurfs, so it is impossible that there is a connection.


Posted by Jeff on 6-Oct-2001 12:00AM CDT
But they weren't "Smurfs" until they came to the U.S., so the assertion that the Smurfs originated in a language other than English where the word "shrooms" doesn't refer to mushrooms just doesn't hold.
Posted by an emailer on 21-Oct-2001 12:00AM CDT

October 21, 2001

hey i just came saw ur sit that's kool how u think about that shit. there's only one thing i would lkke to know ? what about that lady smurf ???? i think every one who "tried" to bad mouth u suxs ! so blah at them

ps shrooms rule


Posted by Jeff on 21-Oct-2001 12:00AM CDT
I can't think of any circumstance where shrooms would rule, but everyone has their own preferences.
Posted by an emailer on 21-Oct-2001 12:00AM CDT

October 21, 2001

Oh boy your going to like this one....

There is something I once heard about the smurf that gaoes along with your theory only it gets more sinister... I had heard an accusation that the creator of the smurfs invented the episodes while being high on mushrooms or acid, and had some of the same beliefs of the kkk. Think that sounds absurd? Well take into consideration that all the smurfs wore white hoods. Papa smurf represented the grand wizard with his red outfit.

Gargamel, represented blacks. Now why would Gargamel not be drawn as a black male? Well that would be too direct and surely would get the show cancelled. However he was conveniently wearing black.

Gargamel's cat Asrial represented the jewish people. If you switch the A to I you get the word Isrial witch is a simple word play to conceive. Gargamel and Asrial Had one common goal... to consume the smurfs, which completely mirrors the kkk's main threat, the intermixing of the white race. Most members of the kkk feel that the white race is being consumed and snuffed out.

Ironically they claim to be white christians who believe in jesus (of course, who was born from a jewish family).

Do you remember smurfette? well she could be said to represent the original sin of eve. She was evil at first, she was created by the sinister gargamel, made evil. Just like the snake in the garden of eden. Fortunately she became good, but only after being purified by the smurfs. Almost like a good 'ol kkk baptism curing her of her original sin.

I don't know if this is all true but the symbolism and parallels are uncanny.

Posted by an emailer on 21-Oct-2001 12:00AM CDT



I'm Puddin' at least that's what everyone calls me. I was just out looking for Smurf picture and Shroom pictures when I came across your site. I wanted to tell you that I read what you wrote and a few others and I laughed at you and everyone else. I'm 18 and I grew up loving the Smurfs and not ever once thinking about how the were connected to drugs or demons. The mother who is keeping her child from watching Smurfs probably lets the 8 year old watch cartoons that shouldn't be on for children to watch. My boyfriend and I watch cartoons on a regular bases and we see and hear things that make me blush. In fact most cartoons have references to drugs, sex, and violence. I'm not telling you this so parents can go on a rampage about how TV is the root of all evil. I wish there was something that could make Parents and everyone see that cartoons are a child's escape from a world full of horror and hate where everything is about sex, drugs, and violence. Kids don't care about these things. So let them enjoy their cartoons before they realize what these things mean.

Have a Great Day, Puddin'

P.S. I would like to hear anything you'd like to say about my letter

Posted by an emailer on 31-Oct-2001 12:00AM CST

October 31, 2001

uh yeah, i was just writing about the whole smurfs shrooms controversy on your web site. i have to agree with you, it has been long known that a large amount of artists openly use psychadelic drugs, and an even larger amount don't . i know this because i myself am an aspiring artist. artists many times use these drugs to "expand there minds" and create better work. so who is to say that the origional mind behind the smurfs wasn't jaded by the use of shrooms, i mean there houses do suspiciosly resemble many of the species of mushrooms that are used for psychoactive purpouses. and not to mention there stange dependency for smurf berries. just a thought. oh and just another thought, many times, even before the cartoon was origionally crearted people reported seeing little blue creatures much like smurfs while under the influince of hallusinagenic drugs.


Posted by an emailer on 3-Nov-2001 12:00AM CST

November 3, 2001

Smurf are simply evolved Snorks. For those that don't remember Snorks was a cartoon that took place underwater in the ocean, Anyway It's my believe that if you took a cap off a Smurf you would see a leftover knob remaining from the days where they lived in the sea.

Posted by an emailer on 5-Nov-2001 12:00AM CST

November 5, 2001

Hi just popped in looking for pictures of pills? you didnt have any but I like your over active imagination and warpedness.

btw fair play on your reply to apocalypse xhole


Posted by an emailer on 13-Dec-2001 12:00AM CST

December 13, 2001


I went shroomin today and I think your websites the shiznit. I may be only 16 but these lame ass people need to leave you alone because you having fun with life, not being some snobby bitch that needs a fucking bullet in their head. The world only has issue's because of those kind of people. "CAN'T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG"

Anyways keep up the good work and ofcourse smurfs have something to do with shrooms people they live in them. have fun with life. PEACE

The Grinch

Posted by an emailer on 30-Dec-2001 12:00AM CST

dec. 30, 2001

because i am totaly bored i read everyones comments on smurfs and shrooms. everyone (except the "concered mom" needs to get a life) has an interesting view on this. anyone who is or was getting upset about what other people were writing sound chill because everyone has the right to their own opinion, and how can anyone say what is right or wrong when none of us have met the creator. ya sure, i can see the connection, i even painted a picture of a smurf holding a bid fat mushroom, but anything in this world can be manipulated to be seen how we want to see it. no two people view things the same way so, all you "straight egde" people let the "druggies" trip, and all you "druggies" let the "stright edge" people believe what they want to believe.

just one last thing to say, i personally have never heard of anyone dying or getting seriously hurt from doing mushrooms. eveyone should just leave us alone if we want to trip.

word up to smurfs
word up to shroomz

peace out


Posted by an emailer on 4-Jan-2002 12:00AM CST

January 4, 2002

Hey Jeff...I just wanted to say that your site kicks ass...and is the pimp shit! I was looking up on I could see the effects it may have on you when you try them...and I came across your website! I never even thought about the Smurfs having anything to do with Shrooms...that is so cool! Well, anyway! Do you know of any sites that I can look up and find all about Shrums? Well, thanks! Bye! Sasha

Posted by an emailer on 14-Jan-2002 12:00AM CST

January 14, 2002

Hey, You are totally right. This cartoon came out when people had different views on drugs and it would make perfect sense to have a cartoon about it.. Ohh and to the totally spycho 13 yearolds.. Ever wondered what scooby snacks are???? Hash Brownies. Ohh.. and Alice in Wonderland was on opium so shutup! You dont know what you are talking about!


Posted by an emailer on 17-Jan-2002 12:00AM CST

January 17, 2002


1.They live in Amanita Muscaria(Fly-Agaric) mushrooms. Fair enough, we can all see that and reference that in an encyclopedia or on the internet.

i loved the cartoon,...but interpreting kkk/commy/whatever is due to your internal reality and illusionary projections. truth tuff to bear.

2. Psychadelic Mushroom fact: Fresh psilocybe Mushrooms bruise easily and reveal a bluish stain. blue color of smurf skin may relate-may not.

3.Know that most of your fantasy myth and avalon unicorn, fairy, elf all those stories lay deepy intertwined with the mycelia of mushroom and the kingdom/realm associated with them. Only those with eyes to see will journey to see, all the rest continue your squabbles and reach no conclusion, truth is within.

Posted by an emailer on 21-Jan-2002 12:00AM CST

January 21, 2002

hi i am really boerd so i read all the comments on this page and found them funny. I tottaly agree that many cartoons are influenced by drugs, but see no problem w/ it. Little kids probably wouldnt notice, and it gives older people something to look for in cartoons. One childrens cartoon that hasnt been mentiond here is puff the magic dragon. Every one knows that was about weed but it had a lot of other trippy points to it too. Another trippy movie is Charlie and the Chocolate Favtory. Most people use drugs to come up w. good music ( look at the beatles, Nirvana, Sublime, Doors...) books, plays and movies. If people want to take drugs, then let them!

Posted by an emailer on 24-Jan-2002 12:00AM CST

January 24, 2002

Why is it that all Americans leaving messages on this page appear to have such a limited grasp of the English language.

Almost every email is peppered with the most hoorendous literary snorts. Glad I was born in a country with a more literate population. God bless England and all who sail in her.

Go back to school, learn something and eat Mexican Blue cap mushrooms for the best smurfing experiences known to man.

ps Binladen is an anagram for Papa Smurf. He is alive and well and living in Tavildara and the Tajik/Afghan border. Papa Smurf is Pamiri for Mullah Osama Binladen

Good bye

Posted by an emailer on 28-Jan-2002 12:00AM CST

January 28, 2002

Ahh, i was trippin too hard when I came across yourpage, but the idea was great. I dont see what thefuck all these people's problem is, they shouldn'tcomplain.


anyway, i just thought i should get that off mychest,i cant stand whiners.

anyway, again, ahh, by the way, cubensis were thesmurfs best friend. I think it's brother mescalinewas too.

anyway, the site kicks ass, very funny while trippinbe well, do good work, and keep in touch.

Shawn NeVille

Posted by an emailer on 28-Jan-2002 12:00AM CST

January 28, 2002

The smurfs lived in mushrooms because the mushroomsrepresented God. When GOd breathed, the bluespores,(or should we say "smurfs" fell to the groundand sprouted yet even more shrums. Some spores grewinto smurfs while others grew into mushrooms, and theyfelt the desire to fight for their right to becomewhat they should have become in the first place.

anyway, ahh, i dont know what i just said up there butthat is how my mom has always told me the story of thesmurfs. Until next time-------SHRUMS!

Please post this on your page so the opposing viewsknow the real story of the smurfonian empire!

Shawn NeVille

Posted by an emailer on 28-Jan-2002 12:00AM CST

January 28, 2002

i was looking for some smurf pictures, so i could do a clay project. and happend to come across this site. im glad i did because i got a lot of information that i didn't know and didn't even think about. if you have the time, please send me more information on the smurfs. thanx. I think that your theory is very true, other people just don't see it the same way. Too bad for them!

peace and happiness

Posted by an emailer on 8-Feb-2002 12:00AM CST

February 8, 2002

hi , its funny isnt it ! i mean the smurfs never made sense to me , actually i was quite scared of them . But now that i have stumbled across your web site , everything makes perfect sense . And its actually not strange for weird messages to be sent through kids cartoons , for example , did you know that Noddy was banned from national television for a long peorid because the network was worried that he was gay . Thats right , he got into bed with mr Big Ears ! yeh well thats just about it , oh yeh i am Ashlee , I am 14 years old Ciao

Posted by an emailer on 8-Feb-2002 12:00AM CST

February 8, 2002

this is my second email , and i have been reading all of the other emails and all of you people are really smart ! i neva understood anything like i understand you guys , drugs are a huge influence on our world and if I or anyone else wants to do drugs then let em !!!!


Posted by an emailer on 10-Feb-2002 12:00AM CST

February 10, 2002

You may want to see this

Luis Rodriguez

Posted by an emailer on 14-Feb-2002 12:00AM CST

February 14, 2002

hey heres a better cartoon/drug conspriacy. the scooby doo/potheads. Have you ever wondered why scooby can talk? or why the "gang " can only understand this? I"m telling you people!!! this is why shaggy eats so much!! he has the munchies!!! classic sign of smoking pot. and also he's the one who understands you best. i'm telling you this is just screaming to get blown out of the water by you guys. this is headline news stuff.


Posted by an emailer on 16-Feb-2002 12:00AM CST

February 16, 2002

Mikey mouse is on crack.


Posted by an emailer on 17-Feb-2002 12:00AM CST

February 17, 2002

hey jeffrey,ok yeah i see your connection with shrooms and smurfs. i am only 14 so you may say i don't know what i am talkin about but i do. i have associated smurfs and shrooms frome the time i was probably 10. i was into the whole shrooms thing, i collected shroom figurines and tried shrooms when i was 13. this was a really trippy experiance. and yeah guess what i saw smurfs. i have always loved smurfs and shrooms but the whole smurfs backwards and change the lines thing well that is a little to far. alot of cartoons are drug related. dude have you ever seen alice in wonderland what do you think that is a bout?? the catipiller is sitting on a shroom smokin out. alice has to be on some major drugs cause she eats the cookie and the world gets small, drinks the tonic and the world gets bigger. life in genarl is based on drugs.

Dawn Uttke

Posted by an emailer on 4-Mar-2002 12:00AM CST

March 4, 2002

yo man i was watching the smurfs the other day and they were talking about token the magic flute now i don't know but that sounds like smokers with shrooms
good looks


Posted by an emailer on 5-Mar-2002 12:00AM CST

March 5, 2002

Hey there,

I was doing research for a school assignment on Ancient Jerusalem, and ranacross this site. How your site pulled up, I'll NEVER know, but dude,you're totally right! I think this is too close to be just totally makes sense.

My question to you, however, is what ever made you think of that... or putthe correlation together?? Fascinating!


Posted by Jeff on 5-Mar-2002 12:00AM CST
I don't remember what inspired this, but I can assure there was no drug usage involved. I've never touched any of that stuff. We were probably working on The Rift BBS at my friend David's house. Oh those were the days. :-)
Posted by an emailer on 7-Mar-2002 12:00AM CST

March 7, 2002

As ALF would say H A !

Thanks, Larsman

Posted by an emailer on 8-Mar-2002 12:00AM CST

March 8, 2002

Please put this on your page you trumped up ass.If you realy wanted to find a secret message in the smurfslook at what is right in front of you

the Smurfs=KKK

1. pointy white hats
2. white pants and shoes
3. the smurf bitch blond hair blue eys
4. clan leader has a full red robe papa smurf is in red from hat to bootsif thats not proof you cant say the other bull shit your f@#$ up mind came out with

and thats what I think

Eugene Lediard

Posted by an emailer on 23-Mar-2002 12:00AM CST

March 23, 2002

Hey there. I know a lot of people are dissing on you about your connections with smurfs and shrooms. But for myself I have expierence shrooms in the past and I do see a big connection. Same thing with alex in wonderland. Im pretty sure the ideas of these kids shows was based off of these halunigetic mushrooms. For those that haen't expierence shroom totally see things from a narrow view. I believe I have a broader sense of view since i have seen things from many views.

Im here to talk to you on a serious note. Why would these creators of these cartoon aim it towards these kids? I was thinking maybe perhaps it allows kids to use their imaginations. Also this drug (defined by society) shroom is so natural and non man created.

I was also thinking about adam and eve when they ate something that god told them not to. People use the apple as a symbol but I was thinking perhaps it was mushrooms they ate and there hole lives turned upside down. What are your thoughts and views on this?

Littleton Andy

Posted by an emailer on 25-Mar-2002 12:00AM CST

March 25, 2002


Thats awsome! I never noticed that. How could those two 13 year olds think its rubbish?! I'm 13 too, I think its cool. The thing about their houses being mushrooms proves the point even farther. I love 80's cartoons. Try and look for more things like the Smurf Shroom connection. I'll be back to your site every once and a while to cheak up on it.

Jenn Hill

Posted by an emailer on 20-Apr-2002 12:00AM CDT

April 20, 2002


im just going to come out and say this. i am an open person. i believe in the use of almost any type of drug. If it makes you happy do it. i also want to say that im 16 and that all of my friends and i have fun watching cartoons all day and going on the occational trip. Every cartoon that i have ever seen i have found a way to relate it to drug use. Also, i am an hopeing to become an artist one day and so are some others that i know and as far as im concerned shrooms help me draw some things better then with out, but not always. Personaly scooby doo is one of my fave. shows and alice in wonderland is my favorite movie. I like that whole smurfs=shrooms thing. its funny and gives bored stoneds things to think about when they go off into their own little world for a day or two.

Love you all (and hope you have as much fun as i do someday), Vanna

Ps: thanx for dat thing to think about when im bored

Posted by an emailer on 24-Apr-2002 12:01AM CDT

April 24, 2002

i think that smurfette is the biggest hwore to ever walk the television screen. she was the only girl and there were hella boys.....she had to be doing something with at least one or all of them. why wasnt there at least more girls? probably b/c she was the big tramp on the scene....sorry i had to get that out of my mind thanks for listening


Posted by an emailer on 28-Apr-2002 12:01AM CDT

April 28, 2002

Its not about Shrooms man, Everyone should know that show was about a Communist society


Posted by an emailer on 1-May-2002 12:01AM CDT

May 1, 2002


I just think its funny that you wrote some silly stoner comment on the web and managed to cause that much contreversay, great job


Posted by an emailer on 7-May-2002 12:01AM CDT

May 7, 2002

Hey Jeff! My name is Kelly, and I was looking up shroom stuff and cam across your site. ROCK ON! Your site is cool and anyone that says otherwise is a loser and probably have never tried mind-expanding drugs. But, I bet if they did, they would change their tune! Do you know any cool/trippy sites for shrooms? Thanks


Posted by an emailer on 8-May-2002 12:01AM CDT

May 8, 2002

damn now i see why gargamelle was always trying to eat them litter critters, he was just trying to get high!!!!


Posted by an emailer on 8-May-2002 12:01AM CDT

May 8, 2002

Dear Jeff,

I came across your site as a result of searching for a information concerning some software. I wasn't expecting this, but I read what you wrote and I also read comments.

My comment to all this is that with or without the Smurfs, if people are going to take drugs of any kind it isn't likely that the Smurfs cartoon (or any other children's cartoon) is going to have much to do with it. In other words, the only type of person who could associate Smurfs and Shrooms would have to have taken shrooms in the past or be obsessed with the drug (as in addicted). As a kid and as an adult, when watching the smurfs, the last thing on my mind were shrooms. And trust me, the Smurfs were one of the cartoons I watch a lot of. I never made the association and don't see how this cartoon is going to cause children to suddenly want to either. Most drugs become a problem because they are easily accessible and are offered and/or pushed on impressionable young children by a drug dealer or friend , not because of a cartoon. As an adult, I've listened to my friends tell me about their experiences taking shrooms and have been told where to find them in large quantities. Incidentally, the friends that I refer to are heavy into partying and take any number of other substances, I don't do anything besides have a drink now and then and smoke cigarettes (yes, I know, cigarettes are bad for your health). However, I've never felt the desire to go in search of shrooms. I've never felt inclined to go and get high after watching an episode of the Smurfs either. Just because the cartoon contains mushroom houses and little blue characters, that isn't enough to be a danger to children. And while you and your friend appear to be quite good at anagrams and seem to be intelligent thinkers, it predominantly just sounds like you and your friend have WAY too much time on your hands and need to lay off the shrooms a bit. Maybe find another activity. Here's another thought.....Isn't paranoia a side-effect of some drugs? You might want to quit the shrooms altogether if this is what's happening to you.

One Who Is Lacking In Over-reaction!

Posted by Jeff on 8-May-2002 12:01AM CDT
I've never actually used shrooms or any other illicit drugs.
Posted by an emailer on 13-May-2002 12:01AM CDT

May 13, 2002

I came across your website looking for info on shrooms because im pretty sure i have alot of them that are good but i wanna make sure they're safe. And i was really bored so i read everybody's response. I would like to say that i totally agree with your theory because lately i have started to notice how alot of cartoons seem to have things that connect strongly with drugs. and more power to the artist that use drugs to enhance their work as i do myself. Whatever works you know. And last of all i dont care much for the little girl dissin MY COUNTRY i take it to heart because i am very proud to be American. She must just be mad that England couldnt control "US" now or then.


Posted by an emailer on 14-May-2002 12:01AM CDT

May 14, 2002

Dear Jeff,

nice page. Your Smurf/ shroom theory is well thought out... the arguments incontrovertible. It must be true.

Impressive that you've proclaimed yourself ruler of Earth too. I'd like to add my name to the short list of people who recognise you as such.

I've got a friend who has proclaimed himself King Burro of Burrotania. I guess he failed to think as big as you, poor guy. As far as I know, I don't think he's even got a web-site to back up his claim either. Just thought you might like to know.

I was thinking of proclaiming myself ruler of the universe, but I don't think I'm ready for the responsibility yet. Maybe when I hit 35.

Your loyal subject.

Posted by an emailer on 25-May-2002 12:01AM CDT

May 25, 2002


Basically I could go on and on about all this shit that I've read. Of course everyone is entitaled to their own opinions but most of this is absoluely LUDICRIS. Esp. the comment on the KKK and all that mess. You dude, who ever wrote that your way to fucking analytical. (sorry I can't spell) Anyway, i deffinitly belive that artist an shit use drugs to enhance there mind an what not. Also I dont have all kinds of knowledge on where Smurfs came from but I do know this...

If you belive in something stronly enough no matter what it is your going to LOOK for it. And you WILL find a way to see it in almost everything. Some one who is big on Shrooms is going to find the drug in any cartoon. (given it is in some) but WHAT THE FUCK, this shit is way to analytical. The smufs was about good against evil and ment for children kids dont think like that, ya feel me.

And non of you can say well you dont see it bc you dont shrooms well, I do. And I still feel this way.

peace ( got suttin to say would love to hear it...

Posted by an emailer on 30-May-2002 12:01AM CDT

May 30, 2002

honestly this is the best site i have ever seen on the net so far......this site made my night i have officially added it to my fav. list thanx for adding some humor to my life


Posted by an emailer on 4-Jun-2002 12:01AM CDT

June 4, 2002

hey dude,

i tkinhk that i was pretty cool about the smurf and shrooms this . my nickname is smurf and my friend's is shrooms, so we r all the time looking for like i said smurf and shrooms mostly the high smurfs like i got this one smurf called stoner smurf it was pretty cool. hell i dont know

well gotta go,
   peace out,

Posted by an emailer on 4-Jun-2002 12:01AM CDT

June 4, 2002

hey IM Kira and really I see no problem with I mean its you choose to do what ever you want IM sure you arent the only one who has done thins so some people need to back off really they do and if they have a problem with it they need to learn to deal with it or just dont look it up on the Internet. and besides that you can get worse picks of things like that so they need to get over it IM so behind you on this.


Posted by an emailer on 10-Jun-2002 12:01AM CDT

June 10, 2002

Basically I just wanted to say to the people that dissagree, "You Can't Handle The Truth". Peoples thoughts and analogies are interesting, and hold some truth. Most of the people here in the U.S. of A would ever want to believe that they could be so deveious and decievious to start programming children at a young age (subconciously) so that they would be more acceptable to the way things are. A lot of us want to live in the "perfect world", where politicians tell the truth, and godly morals are instilled in our youth. But the truth is we live in a world of ilusions, and lies, and God is taken out of their education throughout their whole adolecent life ( ages 4-18 : grades k-12 ). I put nothing passed our government and media. I suggest you wake the fuck up and be on the look out for subleminal messages also. If not for you, for the growing minds of the children. Thanx for your time & space. Peace!

Permanent Mind Blower

Posted by an emailer on 11-Jun-2002 12:01AM CDT

June 11, 2002

aye mon this site i ok i think, but could you put the value of shrooms on the site if a gram of coke is 50 and a nine of hash been 350 thx


Posted by Jeff on 11-Jun-2002 12:01AM CDT
Sorry Fonzo, having never used any of the drugs mentioned I am the last person who would know their prices.
Posted by an emailer on 13-Jun-2002 12:01AM CDT

June 13, 2002

Brilliant bit of research you've done here !You Earth ruler you


Posted by an emailer on 17-Jun-2002 12:01AM CDT

June 17, 2002

What's wrong with shrooms?

Posted by Jeff on 17-Jun-2002 12:01AM CDT
I'll leave the answer to that question as an exercise for the reader.
Posted by an emailer on 8-Jul-2002 12:01AM CDT

July 8, 2002

what kind of country do we live in that a person can't even have an imagination. if this website offends some of you people that bad then why do you continue to look at it? free country right? same as what mr. carlyle has....a free country where he can post anything he wants and not have to have someone like you gripers to tell him what to do. I think the smurf=shroom deal was awesome. I have heard the communist deal all my life, so this was something new and interesting and now that you mention it a lot of cartoons are based on drugs, or at least can be associated with them. you just have to have an imagination to find the links. Just go with it people. have fun and enjoy life. as for Mr. carlyle...keep up the awesome work.
~Peace & love to you!

Posted by an emailer on 10-Jul-2002 12:01AM CDT

July 10, 2002

It all makes sense, i mean what kind of people could possibly make a freakin cartoon for like 10 years, without some sort of spiritual help. i have a few to add please.
Almost every cartoon has had some sort of drug(smurfs) sex(Heathcliff) and violence(tom and friggin jerry) tone at one point or another. start with the original cartoons, ive seen plenty of very funny early 1900's -20's era cartoons that even include smoking weed and drinking absynth, murder with laughing afterwards, actual sexual acts and even gay acts, 100 years ago. unbelievable Then there was a huge slump in cartoons, (the sober period). then came the greats, like Scooby doo (Doobie Doobie Doo) he said then he got the scooby snack, shaggy is a 2 obvious. Popeye for sure, i have always wanted to have instant power from anything, but spinach, i even ate that crap for a while. But we all know where instant power comes from.(narcotics) Speaking of which Mighty Mouse is way too easy, or maybe its underdog i cant remember, but oh yeah baby im talking about the power pill. He got in a little trouble and bam he open the ring and ate the magic speed pill, now link that with speedy gonzales, he would always get all doped up and fly through town and steal things, like chocolate(coco), (crank)cheese, and so on. Oh and what about The Elephant scene from the Fantasia, i mean come on, must i go on, ok. Garfield was always feinin for lasagna, like it was dope or something, and when he didnt get it, he was grumpy. Ever heard of the inch high private eye, shroom induced for sure, similar to alice in wonderland. What about fraggle rock, They had little men with like crystals that they built with, but the fraggles ate it, and they lived underground and when the owner of the house was asleep, they sneak in and steal something, i forget what it was. Or who hasnt seen the big golden penis on the cover of The Little Mermaid, if you havent you must look, it is in the center of the golden palace, and it is unmistakable. Lets even go one further though, what about every aspect of life, oh lets say pacman, do you know anyone who likes to run around in dark places listening to fast music, and munching little pills. Take the ghost (his own personal demons) that he has to deal with, unless he makes it to the corner and eats the mega pill, then he is free to roam around without his troubles following him, or temporarily make the dissapear by chasing them. Or maybe mcdonalds, they have the craziest characters of all, some freaking wierdo dressed up as a somewhat overpowering scary clown, with his friend the fat purple mushroom shaped always happy "grimmace"and the "Fry Guys" and the theif always stealing their "Fries" the ham-burgular. Or Dr jeckle and mr. hyde, need i say more. Teletubbies, am i the only one that can see a freaking waving bouncing penis sticking out of two of their heads, one straight one crooked, the other two have, hole like, head ornaments, one round(vagina) and one triangle shaped (womens hair down there shaped). Shrek, I cant even count all the drug, sex, and hidden agenda type semi hidden jokes for adults. well on this note i will end this, Dont believe what you hear, find out for yourself and make an educated guess, until you find the real answer. we left england because of our overbearing government and taxes, well as we figured out taxes are somewhat needed, but our freedom is at stake. Look around you, all of our FREEDOM that the government classifies as things that could hurt you, which is your right as a person, are taken away. what dipshit thought that it would be smart to take away our right to smoke marijuana, and put out the anti drug campaign from the 30's which included films that were shown to students in school, that depicted people acting like total asses while smoking the harmless herb. they kill each other, jump out of windows, tearing there clothes off, and laugh hysterically, ok they got the last part right at least. this is all true, look it up, watch Reefer Madness, it is a must see. Just think this was drilled into your parents by your grandparents, because of ignorance and misinformation. And who is in power in the house of reps and others, very old people that probably think that weed causes insanity. I know of atleast 2 people that control their extreme anger with weed. We are all being conformed, trained, and ultimately ruled. Think about this, the constitution was written on hemp(weed), that was grown, smoked, chewed, and even eaten in the town where most of the people who signed it lived. Almost everyone knows that Thomas Jefferson grew his own, smoked it, and even sold it. Did we all forget what was written on that hemp paper that night. Even Skip the whole drug issue, what about seat belt laws, helmet laws, auto tint laws, and law in general. what happened to survival of the fittest, i dont wear the helmet, i suck at riding, i crash, i die, so what, we have too many damn people on the planet anyway, because we baby everybody. Who are they to tell me what i can and cant do with my body. can you believe that because i parked my car in a 1 hour zone and was in the building for 1 hour 5 minutes i get a charge for that even if there are no other cars on the road, and if i dont take care of that tiny little $10 ticket, the police think they have a right to put their hands on my person, arrest me, make me lose my high paying job, because i lost an important account, take me to an undisclosed location far from my vehicle, make me wait for 15 hours in a stinking, inhumane box, no color, no life, no food, no shower, just so that i can walk in front of a pompous ass that thinks he has a right to Judge someone, without knowing one thing about him except what was written by the cop, all of which is biased hearsay if you ask me. Finally ending in a $30 payment 20 added for court cost. Now who wins in this situation????? no one does. They paid the cop to stand around and ticket any violaters of the sacred meter law, then they paid someone to enter it into the comp like 3 different times, they then sent out papers to me, next comes the fat bastard waiting behind a building jerking off, waiting for his little light gun to say anything above 55 so he can harass someone, then comes all the wasted gas while he sits behind me for 45 minutes, waiting for another paid officer to arrive to assist in the arrest, then the ride away from my car, next they pay a person to book you, and to watch you all night on a little camera, oh and then the way overpaid judge gets to come in an hour and a half late, the court cop and court clerk get paid well to stand there or sit and enter info. And what does all this trouble get them, $30. My point exactly, they run around and chase their tales, and while they did this to me, completely wasting police money and time, my neighbors house got robbed and my wndows got broken out of my blazer, and my stereo, cd's, personal effects were stolen. Thank god for the tiny bit of freedom that is left and make sure that it doesnt get any worse, do what you can. Thanx and please put atleast a little of this on your site, i did take the time to type it.
and i read every one of the others.

Posted by an emailer on 16-Jul-2002 12:01AM CDT

July 16, 2002

I got such a kick out of your website. I have been hearing for what seems ages that there is something sinister related to the Smurfs and decided to get on the web to see what the noise was all about. Imagine my surprise to learn that the Smurfs are anti-American, anti-democratic, Satanist drug addicts! And as a kid I just thought it was a fun cartoon with a wicked villain and side kick! It also amazes me that there are people out there who can read a simple paragraph and mindlessly follow that belief, or read even scarier messages into it. No wonder there are cults out there - long live the Blue Cult! Thanks for starting this page, it has been a very interesting read!


Posted by an emailer on 17-Jul-2002 12:01AM CDT

July 17, 2002

Dear jeffy, It sounds like alot of people relate things to drugs.I dont blame anyone for trying to over exagerate how the Smurfs misteriously live in trippy 'shroom housing. But can you blame them? IF you were a little helpless elfian all tripped out, running and running from a cracked out Gargamel, who only wants to make a profit from your body, you'd might as well make the most of your meger life and trip your left nut off until you get caught becuase its not like anyone can rescue you , becuase no one knows thier where abouts.

P.S. Smurfett is just a decoy. she actually is Gargamels allye.

Sincerely, Smokey the bear.

Posted by an emailer on 30-Jul-2002 12:01AM CDT

July 30, 2002

hey, Several years ago I spotted what was a smurf leaning up against a shroom..looking like he was taking a nap. It was in a Grateful Dead catalog. Im looking for that pic, cause I want it tattooed on my chest. Have you seen this???? Suzy

Posted by an emailer on 2-Aug-2002 12:01AM CDT

August 2, 2002

I think that this is an ill website... i was trippin on shrooms like 2 weeks ago and i kept seeing smurfs...Now i finally have an answer to all my questions.

I don't know what all these parents and people are gettin all upset about..If they don't want there kids goin to websites like this, then put on all restrictions for there websites... and why would a 8 yearold be at a website "THEBADPLACE.COM" If you ask me i think that if these people took the time to read these articles, then they couldn't have hated them too much.....


Posted by an emailer on 26-Aug-2002 12:01AM CDT

August 26, 2002

wudup ive only tried shrooms twice but i luved um and i luv the smurfs too whatever u say its all good peace out

Posted by Jeff on 26-Aug-2002 12:01AM CDT
Something about the above email bothers me...
Posted by an emailer on 26-Aug-2002 12:01AM CDT

August 26, 2002

i've been eatin shrooms for the past 4 months and it is the best thing that has happened to me..............on time i had eatin soo much a was trippin for 14 hours,it was the time of my life.i saw a lion and sum lil green creture that was chasin me for like 3 hours.soo i beat the shit outa it and it turned up to be a chair that i was beatin.lolwell peace.


Posted by an emailer on 1-Sep-2002 12:01AM CDT

September 1, 2002

k i heard of people eatin shroom ] like me [ i even heard people say there r smurths in real life but this shit is just stupid man
ya and i agree with that 13 year old boy that said this site might be seen by yong kids well but not caz it might be seen by kids but caz people like me might be searchin for shrrom extracts and come across thiz lame site man just close this just shut this thing down lol

Posted by Jeff on 1-Sep-2002 12:01AM CDT
This person's ability to spell and construct complete sentences impresses me.
Posted by an emailer on 2-Sep-2002 12:01AM CDT

September 2, 2002

you got wayyyyyyyyyyyy to much time dude. but pretty funny props, tom

Posted by an emailer on 8-Sep-2002 12:01AM CDT

September 8, 2002

I think big pappa smurf needs a joint.


Posted by an emailer on 10-Sep-2002 12:01AM CDT

September 10, 2002

A lot of people commenting seem to think that the only way someone could be peace loving and happy all the time is through drugs. Not true. Many people can be happy, loving, cool, and relaxed with nothing whatsoever, except the love and oneness with the "all" (some people say "God" but I think that is too stuffy). Also, I happen to create wonderful works of art without the help of such drugs. I think it is more a matter of holding on to your childhood imagination, than trying to recapture it later with drugs. If you can manage to hold on to that state of mind, while still expanding your intelligence, you've got it made. No need to be stoned, just be happy.

Oh, I am all for pot and shrooms being legal for recreation, but I just don't use them.


Posted by an emailer on 10-Sep-2002 12:01AM CDT

September 10, 2002

Cool stuff man. cool stuff. I didnt know about all this crazy shroom connection with the smurfs but its awsome. i havent seen that show for so long. and i completely forgot that they lived in shrooms. thats so cool. thanks for putin that site up its cool. and all those people who are all crappy and say that your bad or wahtever, there stupid. have you ever listened to the allman brothers. there a great band. they like shrooms. shrooms=smurfs=cool. see ya.

allman brothers rock

Posted by an emailer on 14-Sep-2002 12:01AM CDT

September 14, 2002

Dear Jeffrey, i think it is pretty cool that someone like u can think positive about a lame ass cartoon, now that u have said something about the shrooms and the smurfs it actually wants to make people watch the smurfs.....this past weekend i was trippin off shrooms and i sware to god i saw some smurfs...sike . man i dont kno what you be smokin but u cant even compare the two : a childrens cartoon... and a drug... there's no match Peace! Phil M.

Posted by an emailer on 15-Sep-2002 12:01AM CDT

September 15, 2002

Okay, There is definatly a connection between the smurfs and shrooms. the smurfs was created by Hanna-Barbera. They also produced an extreamly psychodelic show that originally aired in the late 70s caled the Banana Split Gang and Friends Show. It is the most insane shit I can remember seeing on television. If you have Bommerang or know someone who does you just have to see an episode of this show. It comes on certain nights at midnight central time. (I think Sundays or Wednesdays-I'm not sure). Check it out- It will comfirm that Mr. Hanna and/or Mr. Barbera did some serious type of pychodelics back in the day. (Probably when they were legal of course) Don't get me wrong theese two people created some of the best animation this country has seen. That's all-You can put this on your page if you wish or e-mail me @ _No spam though please. Thanks and keep smurfing. -Nik

Posted by an emailer on 24-Sep-2002 12:01AM CDT

September 24, 2002

i ran across all these peoples complaints about smurfs and shrooms, and how the picture was this horrible thing, but i cant find the picture. so to say the least, with all these people bullshiting about i have to see it. if you could tell me where its at i would greatly appreciate it.

Posted by an emailer on 27-Sep-2002 12:01AM CDT

September 27, 2002

could possibly read all of that stuff on your site : ) shrooms or no shrooms..:) i did laff when i read a few ...but then sanity returned and i went back to the sites i always go to LOL cheers.... ah yes shrooms...those were the days :":"

Posted by an emailer on 29-Sep-2002 12:01AM CDT

September 29, 2002

Have neither you nor anyone else who submitted comments not seen the episode in which the blue people meet an apparently beautiful lady who gets them addicted to touching a magical light? It makes them feel good for a while, and then they feel worse and need more of it to get as much from the experience as they did before, and she wants them to live in her cave and work for her, and they all get terribly weak, and she turns out to be ugly underneath, and so on - I think you get the picture. I didn't when I saw it in the 80's, but when drug abuse entered the school curriculum I thought of that episode and realized the allegory. (Eventually they get rescued by the sober smurfs or something like that.) I don't know whether or not it was based on one of the original stories by Peyo.

Anyway for the people who are interested in the religious connections with Amanita muscaria and other hallucinogens, there's a wealth of information and theories out there from authors like John Allegro and Terrence McKenna and so on (not that I agree with their conclusions), and yes ergotism (basically LSD poisoning from rye bread) no doubt contributed to some of those wacky visions with angels and demons and what not that people of "unscientific" times are remembered for, but none of this is evidence that any people involved with the Smurfs ever did or didn't use drugs (but they're all twentieth century humans, right?), yet of course if they didn't they would still know that hallucinogenic mushrooms (among many other hallucinogens) exist. These things have always been around, just not always so noticeably as today.

And Smurfette was only Gargamel's tool *at first*, until Papa Smurf released her from Gargamel's evil magic. If you can't find that episode (the one with the dam being sabotaged), see the movie Donnie Darko for a longer explanation. I hope this helps for a better understanding of this cultural phenomenon.


Posted by an emailer on 2-Oct-2002 12:01AM CDT

October 2, 2002

hi jeff,i am an 18 year old female. i have shroomed quite a few times, although i have never seen smurfs while i was shrooming. i agree that there is a connection between the two, as well as i belive that that show along with a few others were made to lean more towards older children(18 and up). i have had this conversation with many of my friends on more than one occasion prior to reading this. think about ir they live in shrooms, there addicted to smurf berries, and their hunted by a giant and his giant cat. i say that creators were on shrooms while bringing the smurfs to life. happy shrooming, chiara

Posted by an emailer on 4-Oct-2002 12:01AM CDT

October 4, 2002

Jeff-I agree that it could be that smurfs symbolize shrooms, I mean, look at Scooby doo: smoke coming out of the back of the van, a talking dog.. and what's in those Scooby snacks? why would a human wanna eat dog treats? there must be something in them. \ne wayz, smurfs are really to symbolize communism, I mean, there is no currency, they all wear white, accept pap smurf, and no one is more important than anyoneor the could symbolize the kkk because they all have white pointy hats accept papa smurf, and he has red..What does this say about children's cartoons>?

Posted by an emailer on 5-Oct-2002 12:01AM CDT

October 5, 2002

well i think all these people who are offended by your article are just ignorant and dont realize that people have a right to their opinion the deapest i ever thought about smurfs was how trippy they could be while shroomin

lsd 420 utah
ps: cops suck

Posted by an emailer on 6-Oct-2002 12:01AM CDT

October 6, 2002

I was lookin for a black light poster of a shroom n stumbled across your website, and i thought it was really kool, good work, oh and has anyone noticed how mario went around eating mushrooms, plants n always went down pipes that lead him into dark places or just a different world, then he would eat the star n go all out, i dont know what the deal was with bowser n the whole turtle thing though, anyways, i liked his little friend Toad i belive his name was, that little baby mushroom or whatever it was, oh well its been along while scince ive played a mario game, last one i played was mario world or somthein, i dunno the first mario game for the 64 so i dont know if they keep up the Toad fella n the yoshi dude... sorry got caried away

Posted by an emailer on 11-Oct-2002 12:01AM CDT

October 11, 2002

hey ya prolly gittin tired of hearin all the bitchin n shit but i gawtta say who the fuck twisted these bitches nipples? omg i laughed so hard i damn near pissed myself. some of you people are way to fuckin up tight. mello out man. there were so many posts i would love to give props to n so many others that just need slapped upside the head. they said that 311 was racist, k being the 11th letter and the 3. 3-11--3-k kkk. most of these angry people are the ones who put there children in front of the tv like a baby sitter n then wanna bitch because there kids did something wrong. some to add to the lists right. G.I. Joe whats this teach but hatred and war, most every disney cartoon available have referenced to drugs, sex, majik and violence. one thing with alice in wonderland: the catapiller was smoking from a hooka and alice was eating different sides of a mushroom. in lion king when simba(adult) and the leaves n dust poof out it spells "sex" in aladin when the tiger is gunna eat him on jasmins balcony turn the volume up and you can hear " all girls get nekid" or "all girls have sex" one of the two. MOBY DICK the great novel is being pulled off library shelfs cuz it teaches animal cruelty. COME THE FUCK ON PEOPLE!!! do something more productive with your time. if you want to hear something bad enough you will. ive played ozzy, motley crue, ratt, all the 80's bands music backwards and i have never heard "satan comands you to kill" its bible thumping, tight ass, blind, persicuting, holier than thou, close minded people that really iritate me. when you look for bad things you will find them one way or another. i could say that country music corupts people to child molestation, alcoholism, wife beating, vehicular homicide, assholeism, but i dont. i know when they are out killing people cuz there drunk driving i will be safe at home smoking my sacred herb or eating my lovley shrooms, peeking out the window as the crazy bastards swerve across the road. some bible shit: judge not lest ye be judged. n i have given you all the seed bering plants and herbs to use. my favorite god made weed man made speed who do you trust?. and the shroom bein the forbiden fruit? wow man thats trippy. deep thoughts will come of that statement. good call. one final note if you dont do drugs cool but dont discriminate against those of us that do. we dont discriminate against you cuz ya dont do them. i smoke the sacred herb cuz its the only drug ive found that stops the voices in my head. being mentaly ill is a bitch and i would rather use a drug that is natural, that i myself can grow, and that actually works with the only side effect of being hungry. read the book "the emporer wears no cloths the marijuana conspiricy" by jack herer. it will open your mind the the wonders of the sacred herb with out ever sparking a bowl or burnin a joint. peace out ive said enough. any feedback or questions feel free to e-mail me at peace out cats n stay cool

Posted by an emailer on 7-Nov-2002 12:01AM CST

November 7, 2002

I as well as others enjoyed the smurfs, growing up. I have always thought the cartoon had something to do with shrooms. And no offense to the first person who wrote of exstacy, but not all X pills are blue and around the time this cartoon was made exstacy was'nt well known yet. Your theory on smurfs and X can go somewhere. obviously this toon is about shrooms. Like others said, They lived in shroom houses. They had baby smurfs and only one girl smurf, smurfet, and what was up with Papa smurf? sounds like a pimp to me. Lol.Thanks for pointing out how the name is shrooms backwards it helped prove my theory. Ashley420247

Posted by an emailer on 7-Nov-2002 12:01AM CST

November 7, 2002

I enjoyed watching smurfs as a kid as well. I always knew that toon was about shrooms. Their houses were made of shrooms. What was up with all the smurfs and only one chick, Smurfet? How 'bout Papa smurf? sounds like a pimp to me. Thanks for pointing out the name spells smurfs backwards, that just proves my theory I've had all along. Also, to whomever wrote the Exstacy having something to do with smurfs can take their theory elsewhere. "X" is not ALWAYS blue you obviously do'nt know what you're talking about. Also, "X" was'nt well known in the years this toon was produced so NO!!!!! Maybe you got a "X" pill called a "Smurf". They do have various names you know, Or maybe you do'nt. Well thank you for helping me prove my theory and helping me come to a comclusion. Ashley420247 KS

Posted by an emailer on 7-Nov-2002 12:01AM CST

November 7, 2002

Shit Man I did'nt finish reading the e-mails before I wrote mine. Sounds like you went through hell with some jackass kids thinkin' they're some smart asses. I agree with you telling them to keep their pie holes shut. First of all the e-mail you responded to, Who the fuck wrote that shit. That's cool kid you "like totally tripped for 14 hours" but I garauntee some fucking monster did NOT 'like totally chase you' and if it did than you have NEVER taken shrooms you dumb fuck. Oh and pardon My language. God forbid some little kid get on here and read this fuckin shit!!!!!!!!! First of all what the fuck is a little kid going to get on a computer to look up '"SMURFS"( NOT "SMURTHS") when they got a t.v. Second of all this sight is under Shrooms. But I guess You would know that CAZ you typed it in. By the way It is cuz not caz and proper English If your trying to sound smart is BECAUSE.!!!!!!!! Last But not Least, and only BECAUSE I'm tired of dicking around with little shits who can't shut their mouths and enjoya website, but instead belittle(or in your terms be a smart ass) someone whom you do'nt know a God damn thing about. Do'nt write back when you know jack shit about Shrooms or for that matter anything else. P.S Do you like Midget porn you little shit? To the original writer of this website. I know you do'nt need any help from me, their comments just pissed me off as well. Thanks again for the enlightning web page. Ashley420247 KS

Posted by Jeff on 7-Nov-2002 12:01AM CST
So this guy sent off three rapid fire emails. I wasn't sure which one he wanted posted, so I posted all three.
Posted by an emailer on 11-Nov-2002 12:01AM CST

November 11, 2002

You are on the right track in thinking that the Smurfs are related to
shrooms. But I hate to tell you, but you have the wrong idea. The Smurfs
are instead a hippy commune. All the Smurfs lived inder a leader(Papa
Smurf) who had total control over them, They live in hollow, polka-dot
shrooms(wonder how they got hollowed out), they only have one woman in the
community, only one baby, and they all have a special job. I.E.Painter,
Chef, etc. They are chased buy the big dude who can be interpreted as the
government. Another theory is that the Smurfs are communist. Supporting
this is the facts that are presented above with the exception of the
shrooms. And even more, smurfs is an anagram...S.M.U.R.F. = Socialist Men
Under Red Father...Red Father is what Stalin is sometimes called. Don't
forget that Scooby Doo is a stoner either!!!

Posted by an emailer on 13-Nov-2002 12:01AM CST

November 13, 2002

first of all i think shrooms are awsome i have taken them several times and i think the people waisting there time complaining about shrooms and smirfs should get a life or try some shrooms I ACIDENTALY CAME ACROS THIS SITE LOOKING FOR INFO ON HOW TO GROW MY OWN SHROOMS.

Posted by an emailer on 18-Nov-2002 12:01AM CST

November 18, 2002

Dear Jeff: I, unlike many people who have reponded to your delightful crackpot article, am able to see you wonderfully twisted logic and would like to give you give you a sample of mine, beware however, the short story makes little sense and will tend to mes with your head:

Back in Vietnam, before you were born, sunny, I knew a mad Viking warrior named Albert Bezerk. His pass-times included parading disembodied heads around atop a long pole, slowly killing off the population of India and England with an axe with the appellation "Betsy". Although these pastimes were very important to Albert.did I mention his name is really Alfred?.they were highly unethical and somewhat illegal, and because of this fact he is in the top spot on the United Nations most wanted list. He has cost international organizations such as NATO and the US secret service billions of dollars, mainly in Krispy Kreme donuts and petunias. Why you ask? Why is this man worth so much bloodshed, flowers and donuts? The answer is simple and follows in a very condensed version: The second amendment was unrecognized in the late thirteen hundreds, chiefly because it was not yet set into existence. Because of this, the king of Sumer knighted Alexander The Valiant, Alexander The Great.s lesser known arch-rival.

In his knighthood, Alexander the Valiant made many accomplishments and contributions to the pre-medieval society. For this reason, the president of Russia was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 700 years later. This, for obvious reasons, aggravated the elite security force of South America. The South American Militia was unleashed upon Boris, the poor old drunk, and they would not rest until his bloody corpse fell to the hard dirt floor. He and his small army of thugs were no match for the Militia.s advanced guerilla warfare tactics and precision sniper skills. In the brief skirmish that changed the world as we fail to remember it, Kapoor Tiskinov was changed for ever, only having a human being cease to live in his very arms could sway his rock solid determination. Some philosophists argue that this metamorphosis gave birth the uprise in the mountainous regions of France so many years ago. How are these events connected, think of the mass suicides in upper Turkey and you will find the answer.

So you see this is how Alfred Bezerk came to be a prime military target. Just then Pasquil exclaimed "Brilliant!" and was promptly shot

You have just read story one of the collection

Posted by Jeff on 18-Nov-2002 12:01AM CST
Uhh... Yeah.
Posted by an emailer on 23-Nov-2002 12:01AM CST

November 23, 2002

I am a 17 year old believer, lol.. I dunno about the whole smurf sfrum thing.. but ummm arent they lil blue people who live in mushrooms? the LIVE IN SHROOMS.. if u look at their houses.. they r the colours of the shrooms.. the drug... kinda like the cover of the incubus cd "the fungus among us"... such a stoner band.. anyway man keep up the free thinking and keep ur head out of the Preverbal box.. Peace


Posted by an emailer on 25-Nov-2002 12:01AM CST

November 25, 2002

Yo man thats funny as hell dude i can just picture it the blue smurfs trippin balls and seeing shit, thats halarious. I just recently took shrooms and there are awsome. The word smurfs backwards definitly means shrooms. I bet u a bunch of shroomheads came up with the idea of the cartoon the smurfs, and they made it all crazy so when they tripped it was amzing to them. It is kinda of a genius idea u have and i support it. I wander if u actually would watch it trippin what it would be like, and would there be subliminals or would u notice things that u wouldnt notice not under the influence of magical mushrooms. well u should write back dude, tell me what u think. When i came aross your website i was cracking up.

im out peace


Posted by an emailer on 9-Dec-2002 12:01AM CST

December 9, 2002

there's a bunch a shit like that floating around, i mean theres a lot of stuff that satires drug use and i guess i believe it, shrooms are sooooooo good

Posted by an emailer on 11-Dec-2002 12:01AM CST

December 11, 2002

I came across your page on a coincidence, but there
is no such things as coincidences. After finding your
satire somewhat amusing, I came across the first
opinion letter. Written by you or not, it is damn near
the perfect opener. As far as the 'shroom connection, I
never thought about it, being the last time I watched
the show was in the 80's. Many of the theories come
close, but fall short as to what I feel is the 100%
correct theory. Only the creators of the shows have
the answers, but I will try the some close with my
patchwork theory, made mostly within what I have
read here.

-Whatever it may have been, the creators of the show
where on some kinda drug.

-Roger theory of the Smurfs being people shrooming in
the forest is true, but it isn't deep enough.

-"Smurfs and Communism" works, but the page
creator takes it to far and discredits it. Smurfs
weren't force into trades they hatred, the did what
they were good at. What about Papa Smurf, who is he
supposed to be then?

-May 14 2001's theory is the best one on the page, it
rang a bell when I first read it. What happens when
the drug dealer starts eating the Smurfs?

-May 24 2001's Gargamel on acid, that would be

-Pete "the Founder/Operator of sounds
very much like a scientist that claims all his fact
discredit all other theories. Make no mistake,
corporations may have pushed the show, but did they
make the product?

-Ryan Lee Helmer's translation of the german word
Smurf meaning "sleep elaborated with dreaming".

-Oct 21's theory of the KKK is the realest, given
Pete's fact of the "Black Smurf Figurines" not being
market in the US, where it might cause a wrong train
of thought. Asrial as Israel is good, but Gargamel
would be better as the US Government. Many
supremacists believes that Israel secretly controls
most of the US government.

-June 10 2002 so true, TV is one long brain wash.

-July 17's Smurfet theory might be true.

-Oct 11's theory on 'shrooms being the forbidden fruit
is something I have often pondered upon before.

All in all; Cool sight; all good cartoon have deeper
meanings (Simpsons); I like my 'Shrooms, Weed, and
pure MDMA.


Posted by an emailer on 12-Dec-2002 12:01AM CST

December 12, 2002

All I have to say is that both Smurfs and Shrooms are bad ass! The main difference between the two is that the things I see when I eat shrooms are a helluva lot more vivid than what everyone else sees when they watch Smurfs.

Posted by an emailer on 16-Dec-2002 12:01AM CST

December 16, 2002

i love reading this load of shit you need to get a life or some shrooms the way you
sound you were in the 4h club and never even seen a shroom or any other drug in
your life you must be the most straight edge mother fucker y did you even create this
site you need a bj despratly.
the facts that the smurfs are not drug relared or part of the kkk are
the smurfs were not created in the u.s and thus are not related in any way with the kkk
next the smurfs are german originated and so all that stuff you said above is BULLSHIT dont put a Jeffs note next to this you pussy

fuck you,

Posted by Jeff on 16-Dec-2002 12:01AM CST
This one really made my day when I read it. In my opinion, it's one of the funniests responses so far. ... Woops. I guess this is a Jeff's note. Oh well.
Posted by an emailer on 22-Dec-2002 12:01AM CST

December 22, 2002

OK pal... The word SMURFS has nothing to do with Shrooms... you are prolly
just some pot head with nothing else do to but think up stupid little ways to
twist things around.. i would know this because that is what i do when i am

Posted by Jeff on 22-Dec-2002 12:02AM CST
Note the contrast of this email with the email from Bannana Man. Bannana Man accuses me of being straight edge, and then the very next email I get about the site accuses me of being a stoner. It's amazing how people can be so sure what I am like by reading snippets of my web page.
Posted by an emailer on 11-Jan-2003 12:02AM CST

January 11, 2003

Gargumel does indeed represent the government. Understand the government makes money from illegal drugs. At the top of the illegal drug world is the security counsel which sets among other things the agenda for everything that can be controlled. By keeping drugs illegal they not only make gold but create a base of power. The policies which have been created at the top have helped to spread the drug culture, a sub culture , throughout the world. The US government has agents of various agencies in almost every country on the planet and has many international agencies sporting this thirty year old war on drugs. Yet the percentage of people doing drugs remains relatively constant. There are books written on this subject. An example of the war on drugs would be the Teleban selling opium which in turn buys guns which in turn requires the

US to buy arms to combat, Ect.... Imagine the profit to the Legal

community here in the US. The prison industry. Gargumel is making $$$$$.

Posted by an emailer on 14-Jan-2003 12:02AM CST

January 14, 2003

Your Link to is not current, we are now and the link on your site will not work soon. Please update it. We will be killing all our reciprocal links with sites that have not updated in a few weeks. Thanks! Also, please remove my old e-mail address. -Peter Caparelli (formerly

Posted by Jeff on 14-Jan-2003 12:02AM CST
I smell lawyers.
Posted by an emailer on 19-Jan-2003 12:02AM CST

January 19, 2003



Posted by an emailer on 22-Jan-2003 12:02AM CST

January 22, 2003

Hi Jeff,

You've made an interesting and controversial connection if taken a little too far to make it more trustworthy, that's my opinion. I'm a bit surprised at the amount of replies to your theory but thinking of the great American conpiracies of the 20th century I came to the conclusion you might have been imprinted by them making the theory more believable to your people who as a result of it and the drug culture are less objective. The recent Spielberg series shown over here on BBC about an alien cover-up (which I'm not a great fan of btw) seems to suggest that there's a need for that sort of thing in your country and it sells.

I watched the cartoon as a child and to me it was a classic good vs. evil story. Some of the comments on your site quite frankly worry me. To assume ,or worse, believe that there's a connection between the KKK and the little blue Smurfs is a bit scary. Whoever originally came up with it must have been a racist to the point of an obsession. It only alienates black people creating a warped sense of reality.

How exactly does it make white children become racists? Gargamel wears black and therefore he is black? He's a wizard. Smurfs wear white hats? They don't cover their faces, they're not exactly pointy and Smurfs are only antagonistic towards Gargamel in self defence or protection of their kind. Papa Smurf wears a red one? Wouldn't he be almost indistinguishable from others if he didn't? They wanted to make him stand out as the one in control and the wise one - hence the beard. Children are stimulated by colour. It's a cartoon. I would sooner connect him with Santa Claus, he wears a red hat too, commands elves just like Papa Smurf his Smurfs.

The cat has a Jewish like name? What kind of a wizard's cat is called Blinkie?

I'm sorry it looks a lot like paranoia to me.

I've seen dozens of episodes, yet I embrace black culture and I definitely, without a shadow of a doubt, am not a racist.

Smurfs = Shrooms? I doubt there is a connection, even if there is, in my opinion, it's highly unlikely that it has anything to do with psychedelic mushrooms.

Smurfs are magical, cartoon, forest creatures. Mushrooms create perfect homes for them for a couple of reasons. They blend with the surroundings, being natural plants, and therefore are harded to spot as a habitat for living organisms. They resemble human houses, having roofs in the form of mushroom caps. Why the particular type of a mushroom? They're colourful and like I stated earlier children are stimulated by colour. They eat mushrooms? They live in a forest, it's a readily available food source. They don't get high on them. If they did get addicted to Smurf berries, which I've missed, it's just a way to make the story more interesting and they had to be inventive to keep the series going. There are many substances, people get addicted to. Caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, prescription drugs, to name a few.

It's true that some artisits use mind altering substances. It doen't necessarily make them better artists. Someone who lacks artistic talent sober and reaches for halucinogens often finds that he hasn't got it after all. Drugs don't make people artistic. They can occasionally make a good artist even better. However, the question is, is it the artist's work or the drug's?


Posted by an emailer on 22-Jan-2003 12:02AM CST

January 22, 2003

Haha! I found some of the responses to your page pretty damn funny, but I found it ironic how everyone kept refering to you as a stoner or whatever even though you kept saying you don't do any of that... and I couldn't help wondering how many people were in some way intoxicated when they wrote their messages. thanx for the laugh

Posted by an emailer on 23-Jan-2003 12:02AM CST

January 23, 2003

Ever since i was about 6 i knew what the smurfs was in some way related to drugs.
hell back then thogh i didnt care i loved the smurfs (and still do).
I would like to say thogh you have a huge website of responses which is good your not afraid to give a voice to the "other side of the fence".
And i do agree with you on the smurfs shrums thing that kinda is neat.
But i also wanna say that the response i made me think the most was the one of the smurfs representing the kkk. He has pointed out to many things that just happen to fit like the white pointy hats and the red hat that papa smurf wears AKA the grand wizard. I dont know im kinda just going on and on but alot of people here do have good points about the smurfs and what it could truly represent.
Thanks Jeffrey for having this site as open as it is allowing both sides to say thier peace keep on down shrooms to all who want to peace out.

Posted by an emailer on 23-Jan-2003 12:02AM CST

January 23, 2003

yo i think its awsome that you found this shit out about smurfs. i also think tinkerbell is related to shrroms to i have a shirt with her and shrooms on it, it glows in the dark. Anyways keep up the good work i think its tight

lil cutie

Posted by an emailer on 1-Feb-2003 12:02AM CST

February 1, 2003

whatsup jeff? well i just wanted to tell al you people that are whining
about this web page to stop bitching. maybe you need to take a look at your
own life instead of criticizing this man. i mean if you have nothing better
to do than raise holy hell about a smurf site, maybe YOUshould eat a couple
of mushrooms. c'mon gimme a break.

Posted by an emailer on 5-Feb-2003 12:02AM CST

February 5, 2003

hey and those disney blokes are rascist. cartoons are for the kids and perhaps the bigger ones who like to watch them whilst getting stoned or maybe doing a couple'a shrooms. if smurfs is whatever you say it is and something to do with shrooms then so be it, if that wasnt allowed then neither would other cartoons be and then where would us stoners be?? what would we do in our spare time??! dick

Posted by an emailer on 5-Feb-2003 12:02AM CST

February 5, 2003

i would just like to express my gratitude that some one has published someyhing which definatly links the origins of drug abuse to our little animated friends. i have firmly believed this for many years and have been waiting for someone to make the link so plausible. my beliefs in this subject came about whilst innocently watching cartoons one afternoon the idea evolved in my head that to survive such horrific accidents and explosians the characters must and probably the writers be under the heavy influences of a good range of narcotics in fact i believe the writers and animators of smurfs went through the same stes as you but srooms to smurfs and not vice versa i applaud you for your fantastic logical thinking and to the people who dont understand i'd like to say you can go and shove some big fat smurfs up your big fat arses you wet cunts.

Posted by Jeff on 5-Feb-2003 12:02AM CST
This is from the same guy that sent the email immediately above this one.
Posted by an emailer on 5-Feb-2003 12:02AM CST

February 5, 2003

i think you'r a fuckin idiot! oh yeah it's a damn conspiracy! same with the word truck huh? if you just take the r out, move the line at the top over a little and add another little line in the middle, they're really trying to say fuck! oh my god, somebody run and make a website about it now!

shrooms are wonderful, when you take 'em you see the smurfs!

Posted by Jeff on 5-Feb-2003 12:02AM CST
I really enjoy the people that take this seriously.
Posted by an emailer on 5-Feb-2003 12:02AM CST

February 5, 2003

fuck this stupid site! see i go looking for shroom website's and i come across this peace of shit! close this shit down, honestly!

Posted by Jeff on 5-Feb-2003 12:02AM CST
This is is from the the same person that sent the email immediately above this one. If he had just hit his browser's back button, he probably could've found the information he wanted in no time; however, he felt compelled to write to emails about it. Ha! Stoners...
Posted by an emailer on 5-Feb-2003 12:02AM CST

February 5, 2003

What's that blue thing doing here?
---------------------------------------------------- --ok the only thing i have to say riggggggggt now is the light on the ceiling is getting biggerman!!!!???idont know idontknow ijustdontknowrightnowmansoooososososostopwiththequestionsaagagagararrrgh all the people getting very offended from thiss site are all a bunch of wmmmmmmmmmmwhoa there goes the light againigottagoman PEACEINTHEMIDDLEEASTLIKEDANSNYDERSGRANDMASUNDERGARMENTS OHYEAHYOUMUSTBEAWAREOFGUYTAKEHIMSERIOUSLYHESNOJOKE

Posted by Jeff on 5-Feb-2003 12:02AM CST
Uhh... Yeah.
Posted by an emailer on 7-Feb-2003 12:02AM CST

February 7, 2003

The smurfs shrooms connection
lmao very clever lol

Posted by an emailer on 9-Feb-2003 12:02AM CST

February 9, 2003

After reading into shrooms and even eating shrooms, I realize that cartoons and drugs have so many relations. My first point is, almost every artist that I am friends with use hallucinogens and whenever we get tripped out we like to watch cartoons, toke and draw. And what do they draw about... SHROOMS. Artist (whether actors or singers or what not) like to relate to their hobby, and by drawing mushroom related topics they express themselves. The artist and creators, without a doubt, trip almost constantly and that's cool, because it also provides kids with entertainment, so what's the big deal.

Anyway heres the facts that have already been stated but I felt like stating them anyway:

1) They live in little mushroom houses.

2) They're blue in color and whenever you pick mushrooms and dry them out, if you look at it they've a sort-of bluish tint, giving the Smurf's their color.

3) The Gargamel always try to thwart the Smurfs (just like the gov't always try to stop us from eaten SHROOMS).

4) The Smurfs are always dancing around like the friggen tooth-fairy and you know what, the happiest people I know eat SHROOMS because whenever you're trippin you tend to laugh nonstop, giving you a happy enjoyable sensation.

The proof is in the cartoon. I say, if you don't believe me watch it with an open mind and consider that yes ... there is a relation.

Thats all I gots--JEFFRO

Posted by an emailer on 11-Feb-2003 12:02AM CST

February 11, 2003

U suck

Posted by Jeff on 11-Feb-2003 12:02AM CST
Yeah, that's gonna hurt.
Posted by an emailer on 15-Feb-2003 12:02AM CST

February 15, 2003

Personally, I think you are a f*cking loser. To sit there and analyze the name of a cartoon show from childhood is something that a stupid crazy a*s person would do. Why don't you get a life? Watching The Smurfs when I was younger has not affected me as a grown 19 year old female. In fact, it has probably helped me to grow into a fun loving person. You are probably a fat ugly ass mother f*cker who just sits on his hairy ass all day.

Posted by Jeff on 15-Feb-2003 12:02AM CST
I'm the loser?
Posted by an emailer on 16-Feb-2003 12:02AM CST

February 16, 2003

IM responding to "VerdanaMelissa Kearse and Nicole Kelly." I just want whoever read their e-mail(including themselves) to know the the largest majority of childrens stories and cartoons were made by people on drugs. For example: Alice and Wonderland "What the hell do u think thats about?! Catepillers smoking out of a hooka , singing flowers, chaseing rabits and falling into dark holes, drinking a potion and growing hundreds of feet tall instantly, and then shrinking to half an inch, and many more trippy things. Its to easy to see that this was written by somebody tripping hard off acid!

Another example is spongbob square pants! If you look closly at each building and house in the cartoon it is easy to see that almost every building is disguised in the shape of some sort of bong. For instance Spongbob's house has a metal bowl hanging off of it(the chimney)! There are posters everywhere with pictures of spongebob all dried up with dark circles under his eyes saying "I NEED WATER!". There are also shirts with spongbob saying "im ripped", and picture's of him where his body is all wiggly and he's saying "i feel all wiggly inside and out". Trust me the producer of this cartoon had a little secret to his production. Just watch it and think like a stoner. It only makes sense!

Anybody who dosnt agree that many cartoons and childrens stories arnt ofter produced by drug users are just children themselves because they were made for drug users to understand the secret behind them and for children to enjoy while looking past all though weird drug related things its favorite character keeps doing! lol

You guys are right about the whole smurfs idea and i respect the fact the u had the ability to catch such a thing!(even thought its really quite easy to see that little blue ppl living in shrooms probably had SOMTHING to do with drugs!)

signed, stoner for life

Posted by an emailer on 24-Feb-2003 12:02AM CST

February 24, 2003

I don't know how the hell I got here. I was looking 4 alice in wonderland, but you make an interesting point. I think that the smurfs and shrooms are related. Um.. thats all I had to say.....

Posted by an emailer on 17-Mar-2003 12:02AM CST

March 17, 2003

Hey im a 20 yr old female from texas and I justed wanted to say that I think your Idea is pretty clever! I have no doubt about it, actually the guy who came up with smurfs probably had the same shrooms I had =) I had Hydroponic shrooms which were actually the same color blue as the smurfs....they were awsome...but i enjoyed your sight!

with laughs


Posted by an emailer on 19-Mar-2003 12:02AM CST

March 19, 2003

I'd just thought that I'd like to say how great your site really is. I'm a young inspiring lawyer and ran across your site and just thought that it was great to know how much controversy your statement has. After using recreational substances like x, coke, shrooms and the ever most popular cannabis I would like to say the idea with switching the "F" to and "H" is a little far fetched but when you think about it, it all comes together. After reading all the comments on your site it was hilarious to know how hard it is for people to spell correctly and how to complete sentences. I think the only bull shit on this site is the fact that some people think others do not have a right to there own opinion. This site is an opinion and anyone that would want it taken off needs to, in other words, fuck off. Everything has a right to be read and kids to adults should be able to read this site because it not only allows you to think outside the limited society that our government provides for us, it gives us a right to our own opinion. From the concerned parent to the young 13 year old I can say every comment was interesting to read and your site is excellent in the various opinions. You have proclaimed yourself as the ruler of earth and this will only grow with time. Ever need a lawyer... e-mail me.. lol. Awesome site and keep up the great job. If anyone wants to talk about experiences or anything else e-mail me at


Posted by an emailer on 25-Mar-2003 12:02AM CST

March 25, 2003

this shiet is hella funny, im trippin as we speak and i just surfed on the web to get some reading and visuals on shrooms and i happened onto this page. I'm still cracking up reading people's postings ranting about how wrong you are hahaha... anyways keep up the work...pure comedy jzoon

Posted by an emailer on 31-Mar-2003 12:02AM CST

March 31, 2003

Hey Jeff,

Heres the deal:

Mario lives in a constant trip... the koopa's and bowser are bad trips, and the mushrooms are what saves him form them. Look around as you play the game, complete trippy! Bowser is the ultimate bad trip. The little stars are acid tabs. they make him FLIP out man! and the makers had to be on some kinda drug to think all that shit up! and look at his eyes, always bugged out all the time. Your site has alot of good theories, and i doubt this one ranks, but oh well, im not good at wording things. keep trippin!


Posted by an emailer on 3-Apr-2003 12:02AM CST

April 3, 2003

yeh i read it and it made sense but i thought smurfs were all kkk i mean they all wear white cone hats and the leader wears a red one so that makes them shrooming kkk'ers. lol put that on the site nd see what happens

Posted by an emailer on 21-Apr-2003 12:02AM CDT

April 21, 2003

man u must of been fuck up when u thought of that lol i lov ya peace

Posted by an emailer on 28-Apr-2003 12:02AM CDT

April 28, 2003

dude man this is the coolest site i have ever seen, my firends and i have also known about this connection for some time now, im proud that someone has taken the trouble to make this conspiracy known to everyone

Posted by an emailer on 1-May-2003 12:02AM CDT

May 1, 2003

i think that this is so true because in many of children cartoons.....there
are hidden messages like bugs bunnie for instance he is call a transvestite
for dressing in DRAG...... and scoobie Doo what was that big cloud of smoke
thats always behind them when thet are comming from a far....always had the
MInchies...and what about Alice in Wonderland..?.was Walter Disney in a
SHROOm world as well....? i Think not going to lie i have shroomed
before and look pretty familiar when i watch the movie..... e mail me back
thx....and even the new Spounge Bob square Pants he is said to be gay with
his friend on the cartoo hi funnie star fish friend

Posted by an emailer on 5-May-2003 12:02AM CDT

May 5, 2003

i think you are complety right. the smurfs is my favorite show it has been since the dawn of my time and there is no way around it. they are little blue people.i myself have done shrooms before and they were an amazing experiance i do not give condolence to there use-they are the reson i was sent to private school-but a little shroom fact that one way of injesting them is through shroom tea. this was my method and as my shrooms desolved into the pink lemonade the drink beacme blue. do i see a conneticon here...yes. your just pointing out the facts and you shouldnt be dissed in any way you said nothin bad just stattingng the obvious. if any1 disagrees they should read up on the effects of shrooms and the tells of people under theyre influnce. ~sailor smurf

Posted by an emailer on 7-May-2003 12:02AM CDT

May 7, 2003

good job man! i see it, i can deffinately see how you would get shrooms out of smurfs....good job what were u on when u realized this?? Peace, Amy

Posted by Jeff on 7-May-2003 12:02AM CDT
I was high on life.
Posted by an emailer on 19-Jun-2003 12:02AM CDT

June 19, 2003

Mr. Carlyle,
Now I don't know about the little connection you made with the wording,
but any guy who thinks up a town about little blue "things" who wear white
and run around being weird had to be on them, whether it inspired the name
or not. Also, Smurfette was a big hooch. Have a nice afternoon.

Posted by an emailer on 21-Jun-2003 12:02AM CDT

June 21, 2003

I don't know but i got this freind, and i kind of agree with him. He has
this theory smurfs are blue and kids start to relate to blue people so their
like ready, when KRISHNA comes about.

Posted by an emailer on 27-Jun-2003 12:02AM CDT

June 27, 2003

Smurf = Soviet Military Underground Resistance Forces

Posted by an emailer on 1-Jul-2003 12:02AM CDT

July 1, 2003

i read your smurf theory, and i thought it was funny. Then i read the replies and i thought "wow, i didn't know that many crazy people coud use computers". I thought it was funny how seriously people took it, especially when people said take it down and you have no life yet they were the ones who replied to it. It was also funny how no matter how many times you said you didn't do drugs people kept thinking you did. The best part of all was the Jeff comments though. signed: drunken midget in a really uncomfortable thong

Posted by an emailer on 3-Jul-2003 12:02AM CDT

July 3, 2003

who gives a fuck!! shrooms r gooood and the smurfs are badass... if it took u this long to realize that the person who made the smurfs wasnt on drugs then ur a little slow.

Posted by an emailer on 3-Jul-2003 12:02AM CDT

July 3, 2003

yeah, smurfs obviously had somethin to do with shrooms but do you remember the way their voices sounded? I think they were suckin helium too. but anyways, they lived in fly agaric mushrooms, aren't those poisonous? I read somewhere that they are but that could've been part of their scheme because most people won't eat poisonous mushrooms and that way they wouldn't need to take out insurance against people eating their homes. And I am glad I read some of the other comments, I never watched every episode of anything so I had no idea where smurfette came from. and noticing she was the only female I thought there was maybe a huge incest thing going on. glad to know that isn't true.

Posted by an emailer on 16-Jul-2003 12:02AM CDT

July 16, 2003

hey what do shrooms look like when they are in the ground.the ppl that look at your website are gay!cool site!-abbey

Posted by Jeff on 16-Jul-2003 12:02AM CDT
I'm not sure that I follow this one.
Posted by an emailer on 17-Jul-2003 12:02AM CDT

July 17, 2003

I my self like the show.
I also like chromes and feel
that anyone with good
control of themself, and
in the wright place,
the wright state of mind,
and of age, should try them.

Maybe the smurfs came from a
shroom trip.

I have never seen or heard anything
that was harmful on that show.

I'm not saying give your 8 yr old shrooms
but don't take the art and magic and fun of the
smurfs just cause you think they might worship
the devil later.

Posted by an emailer on 17-Jul-2003 12:02AM CDT

July 17, 2003

its a bit of a stretch. Papa smurf does kina remind me of jerry Garcia with that beard though.

Posted by an emailer on 28-Jul-2003 12:02AM CDT

July 28, 2003

i would just like to say that this is a really kool f!@$#&% website i sitting here tripping my a@# off surfing the net and this stuff is really messing with my head. i would like to thank whoever the hell made this website for entertaining dumbasses such as myself

Posted by an emailer on 29-Jul-2003 12:02AM CDT

July 29, 2003

dear jeff,
i believe you are in fact correct, but you havent gone quite far enough in
your connection.
here is my analysis:
1. they live in mushrooms.
2. they are not small blue people, they're tripping and think that they are.
3. this is why they are afraid of the bad guy's (whatever his name is i dont
remember) cat.
i think a giant cat would scare me aswell, in my mind or otherwise.
4. the bad guy is the best bit. he hates the smurfs because they are
free-thinking individuals
who like to use drugs (use not abuse). In some ways, he is a satirical
personification of
right-wing politics - persecuting people who want to do something that is
illegal (shrooms)
but who only want to be left alone in their harmless ways.
- "the smurfs", if viewed from this perspective, is pro-'hippie'
pro-liberal tv wrapped up in an
acceptable package that can be broadcast without repercussions. - 'pro'
because the bad guy
never wins! comes close, but we'll always live on!
5. --your analysis--

Posted by an emailer on 29-Jul-2003 12:02AM CDT

July 29, 2003

yeah this is the most idiotic thing i have ever heard of in my life. your stupid. by the way shrooming is the coolest thing ever i suggest everyone try it. Eat like 4 gs and trip balls kids its really fun!

Posted by an emailer on 29-Jul-2003 12:02AM CDT

July 29, 2003

Obviousy there is a conection between psycadelic mushrooms and smurfs. just as Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass is based on a mushroom trip. Psilocybe Cubensis "magic mushrooms" stain blue arouns broken edges of the stem and cap and also stain blue, explaining the color of the smurfs. Since they live in magic mushrooms their color will be blue, as a result from the staining of the shrooms. good observations. Tripper Zac

Posted by an emailer on 29-Jul-2003 12:02AM CDT

July 29, 2003

I more than agree with your outlook on the smurf/shroom relationship.  I've thought to myself for years now that the creator must've been on some trip with the whole living in mushrooms thing-I just never brought it up to anyone except my drug friends (obviously they understood me too lol).  Take these examples of children's nursery rhymes for instance:

                           "OLD KING COLE"

       Old King Cole was a merry old soul, was a merry old soul was he.
       He called for his PIPE and he called for his BOWL and he called for his fiddler 3.

o.k.-this guy is sittin on his throne stoned outta his mind-callin for his pipe and bowl of weed.  Of course he's a merry old soul-HE'S STONED!!  And as for the fiddler 3, It could POSSIBLY be cuz after u get stoned, music sounds hella good.

                      NEXT IN LINE......"SING-A-SONG OF SIXPENCE"

       "Sing a song of sixpence a pocket full of RYE
       4 and 20 blackbirds BAKED in a pie,
       when the pie was opened the birds began to sing,
       now wasn't that a dandy dish to set before the king."

       "The king is in the counting house counting all his money,
       the queen is in the parlor eating bread and honey,
       the maid is in the parlor hanging up the clothes,
       when along came a blackbird and snitched off her nose."

                                   O.K.-Now for the analysis........

     "Sing a song of sixpence a pocket full of rye"  (rye is the starting agent for growing shrooms, so basically the king is trippin his royal ass off to begin with-but that's not the end)....."4 and 20 blackbirds baked in a pie"  (o.k.-everyone obviously knows that 420 is stoner time and they're stoned in a pie)  "when the pie was opened the birds began to sing, now wasn't that a dandy dish to set before the king."  (he started off with the shrooms and then smoked a fatty-being the 420 & baked statement-and the weed kicked in his trip, so he saw blackbirds in his pie, which he was gonna eat in the first place cuz he had the munchies from smokin!!!  "now wasn't that a dandy dish to set before the king?"  (they're asking the reader "now wouldn't that be nice?"

       "The king was in the counting house counting all his money"  (from the sale of shrooms & weed, no doubt"........."the queen was in the parlor eating bread and honey  (looks like his wife partook in the smoke-out session as well-she got the MUNCHIES!!!)
"the maid was in the parlor hanging up the clothes when along came a blackbird and snitched off her nose."   (damn-what a generous king-looks like he shared some of the shrooms with his maid, being the blackbird he halluncinated himself from eating the shrooms and then smokin the herb was now being seen by his servant and even took her nose off-LOL.


                    JACK AND JILL:

       "Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water.
       Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after."


       O.K.-Jack and Jill must've just had a smoke out session.  They have a massive case of cotton-mouth and are now dying of thirst, so, they're gonna get something to drink.  Jack, being extremely ripped, has lost his sense of balance and coordination, so he topples back and summersaults his ass down the hill.  It's kind of coincidental that 2-not just 1 person falls-WHAT ARE THE CHANCES OF THAT?  Obviously they were on something to have both of them fall-one right after the other.......

These are just some simple observations I've made.  U see what I'm sayin??  write back-give me your thoughts.




Posted by an emailer on 31-Jul-2003 12:02AM CDT

July 31, 2003

a total revelation man, your right dude shrums are kewl...they turn BLUE
when u squeeze them indicating that u SQUISHED OUT the previously alive
SMURFS. Plus you can also see smurfs when you eat shrooms. PEACE OUT MAN !!!

hippie dude rAuL !

Posted by an emailer on 5-Aug-2003 12:02AM CDT

Aug. 5, 2003

Hey, I was surfing the web to find some cute pics of smurfs doin shrooms, or smokin or whatever, and I ran across your website. I think you might have over-thought the smurfs backwards means shrooms. I can see the whole show being about doing shrooms, but i dont think the creator of the show had planned that. He most likely was just doing a normal, simple, fantasy cartoon for children to make them smile, and he did a great job, i loved the show when i was younger. Now that I am at the age in my life (15) when drugs are new and popular, I completely see the drug influence in the show. But many cartoons show drug use, just in a hidden fashion. Shrooms are a great drug for people that like fantasy, and I think your website is great. Thank you for your time and i would love it if you would e-mail me back at, and if you have yahoo messenger please add my name and IM me at stoney_mcpot_420...

A Fan of Smurfs and Shrooms, Briana (Stoney McPot)

Posted by an emailer on 11-Aug-2003 12:02AM CDT

Aug. 11, 2003

you are extremely stupid.. get over your paranoia.. smurfs are little blue cartoon figures for little kids to enjoy and pass time .. anyone can make anything they want seem bad.. take the top line off the F and place it to the right.. sweetie that's a little far fetched don't you think.. grow up and quit dwelling on things that don't matter.. try getting a life and thinking about important things instead of making yourself sound like a fool to everyone else!!

Posted by Jeff on 11-Aug-2003 12:02AM CDT
Come on people, if you are going to insult me, at least say something original. Make it worth my time.
Posted by an emailer on 8-Sep-2003 12:02AM CDT

September 8, 2003

Dear Jeffrey, First of all, you have raised a good point. I see the minor connections you have made. Perhaps a deeper look at some similarities. For instance, the stems of the fungus (psilocybin) which we commonly know as "magic mushrooms" are blue. Like the mushrooms, blue is also the color of the Smurfs. The heads of these strange little creatures were covered by white caps...Another theoretical find. I will also let you in on another theory. Gargamel was interested in making a mushroom stew with the Smurfs...Hence "Shroom Stew." I have one more thing to say and that is in response to the moron known as "Papa Smurf" who doesn't know shit about shit. "The hole cartoon? Learn which word is which. Hole, in english terms is what is in your head because there is obviously a leak. You're not out of the woods yet either, pal. That sentence should be finished withy a question mark...RETARD! The next two fragments are not complete sentences. I beleive you should maybe connect them with a comma. So your grammar sucks and so does your spelling. You're off to a great start! DUMBASS. Ok, you can't start a sentence with the word "And." Sorry...You're PLAIN STUPID! Your document structure is horrendous. I can't get through it! It is that bad. You suck at life. "I wunder?" You fucking moron....that is another mispell. You're probably a homosexual. Die slow, bitch. OK, and you think such cartoons are supposed to guide us to such "herbs." Herbs!? You fucking shit brain! Mushrooms are a fungus...Again, you are way too stupid to last in this world. I would recommend putting a hault to all future drug use unless you are hell-bent on being the stupidest person alive, in which case I will have you featured in the next Guiness Book of World Records as "The Stupidest Man Alive." Runners up : Forrest Gump and Ernest. Only you, Papa Smurf, could be so dumb. Jeff, I am sorry that such garbage is sent to your site. Perhaps my message will be a lesson for anyone without the commen sense to just keep their ideas to themselves. Keep up the good work. - Giacomo

Posted by an emailer on 8-Sep-2003 12:02AM CDT

September 8, 2003

I like you site. Does anyone remember the TV show "The Magic Garden"? Now you know that those 2 girls were stoned! -MacMan

Posted by an emailer on 13-Sep-2003 12:02AM CDT

September 13, 2003

Just my two cents if anyone cares. The other day when some of my buddies and I were getting ripped and we thought about the old show that we watched in the 80's called smurfs. Of course that cartoon along with many others were most likely made by some creative individuals. Just try watching it very closely then watch it a few times more after smoking some pot. You find more and more things that you never caught the first time, and it is a trip on hallucinagenic drugs. Also for those who enjoy this topic...start to look into scooby doo. Think about it, a stoner dog and his master who always are eating, a preppy harvard type fearless leader who does coke, the slut dephne, and the brains of the whole thing is wilma. There are many other older cartoons that you can analyze also. HAVE FUN! SMOKE WEED!

Posted by an emailer on 15-Sep-2003 12:03AM CDT

September 15, 2003

Hey i just wanted to say that smurfette is definitely not a hooch~she's a total pimp! that's why she's the only girl there with all those guys!

Posted by Jeff on 15-Sep-2003 12:03AM CDT
I'm not sure if I follow this one.
Posted by an emailer on 24-Sep-2003 12:03AM CDT

September 24, 2003

I didn't read all of the comments on this site just yet... I got to Feb. 15. That dumb bitch calls you a loser and takes the time to edit herself... Just write the fucking word you dumb bitch! And what's the problem with having a hairy ass? I have a hairy ass. So fucking what? She's probibally ugly as hell since she's the one bringing that up. Anyway, with that off my chest, I agree that the Smurfs and many other cartoons are either somewhat about drugs or were made while the creator was under the influence of somehting. I've seen plenty of examples of this mentioned so far. I just want to add one. It was my favorite cartoon when I was little. Ren and Stimpy. A known fact about this show is that its original creator was a major, MAJOR Acid-head. Which is probibally why the first season was the best. The classical music playing while a retarded cat is playing with his bellybutton, the random flashes of colors when emotions run high. Definately the work of a genius and his "stamps."

I just wanted to add that this site was a pretty nifty idea and I think it's pretty funny how no matter how many times you've said you don't do drugs, some of them still insist that you do. They should follow my lead and sober up before putting their two cents in so they don't sound like idiots and those damn English can stop making snide remarks about Americans.

Let them stick that in their pipe and smoke it! Rock on man!

Sincerely, Theo

P.S. Any Jeff's Notes for this one?

Posted by Jeff on 24-Sep-2003 12:03AM CDT
Nope. Well, uh, yeah.
Posted by an emailer on 24-Sep-2003 12:03AM CDT

September 24, 2003

OK now I've read all the responses on this page. Love the way you handled that deusch bag ApocalypseXzero, very cool.

- Theo

Posted by Jeff on 24-Sep-2003 12:03AM CDT
Posted by an emailer on 28-Sep-2003 12:03AM CDT

September 28, 2003

Hey wudd up I came to your website cause I was looking up info on E. yeah I wanna know if this pill called the white unicorn is straight to take. It's the new kind of E in my area and just wanted to see if u tried it and know if it's goos. By the way we can get killer shrooms in Kissimmee. write me back if you knw anything about the white unicorn or blue dolphin. Thanx

p.s- the website is bad ass. You got some crazy thinking to come up with the Smurf theory. You had to have been real fucked up. Pe@CE AND Love.


Posted by Jeff on 28-Sep-2003 12:03AM CDT
If there is anything I know nothing about it is the drug scene in Kissimee, Florida. Though I do suspect drugs might make Disney World more enjoyable.
Posted by an emailer on 16-Oct-2003 12:03AM CDT

October 16, 2003

whatsup Jeff, i agree with you.... i think it s funny how you can turn the word smurfs into shrooms..... i myself... have done shrooms and ind them hilarious and then watching the smurfs while trippin face is even actually understand that cartoon.... i also agree how you made this website to educate people such as myself about this fact.... people may agree or disagree with yur statement but i for one... am all for it.... please continue to inform the public about this... and other cartoons that relate to drugs....

Chris Champney

Posted by an emailer on 17-Oct-2003 12:03AM CDT

October 17, 2003

i find nothing offensive about this website. I actually find it extremely funny.All those little kids and uptight adults and parents just need to go screw something. I know smurfs are great and all but who would come to a smurf website just about the show? You know there's bound to be something"funny" about it just like the catapillar on Alice In Wonderland, he was smoking a freaken hooka.Puff the Magic Dragon .... that's a give away. So anyways you're website is great, if you don't like the website then DON"T CONTINUE TO GO IN TO IT!!!!!

- Courtney

Posted by an emailer on 23-Oct-2003 12:03AM CDT

October 23, 2003

Well i agree with you that smurfs have something to do with shrooms but I think your missing one truly BIG GAY picture. Think about this. In a town full of BLUE MINI men there is only one girl. That one girls is PaPa Smurfs Prostitue or Girl. The other smurfs are all men. There are no other females int he show So it makes you wonder. Are smurfs gay. I belive the answer is yes. If you dont belive me then you need to watch the show again.

- Richard S.

Posted by an emailer on 26-Oct-2003 12:03AM CDT

October 26, 2003

sHrOoMs ArE gReAAAAAAt! It iS nEwS tO mE aBoUt ThE wHoLE sMuRfS tHiNg, BuT iT dOEs SoUnD pREtTy GoOd.

* mEfStEr *

"EXiStEnCE uNkNoWn"

Posted by Jeff on 26-Oct-2003 12:03AM CDT
I really hope he has a program that types like that for him.
Posted by an emailer on 10-Nov-2003 12:03AM CST

November 10, 2003

Wow, here I am looking up shrooms at 4:30 AM and I run across this site. This must be the funniest thing I have seen in a while. I never would have guessed that so many people would have such a stong opinion over something that doesn't matter at all, not one bit. I just can't believe how many people felt compelled to write something, then again look at me. Ha. Way to point out the shrooms and smurfs and waste a few hundred peoples time. Thats ok, I got a good laugh out of it.

Trippin billies

Posted by an emailer on 14-Nov-2003 12:03AM CST

November 14, 2003

I believe Brian may have told me this story years ago in 97, and with all of the others I heard, FUN must have been had. Thanks for having something amusing to read. Some people seem to have taken you all too seriously also, but that's the most amusing part. Please feel free to lay down all of your revalations.


Posted by an emailer on 15-Dec-2003 12:03AM CST

Dec. 15, 2003

Jeff you are a true pimp son. Fuckin theres too many kids in this world not doing drugs and it fuckin sucks man. Its kids like you who make my day i get online and find out theres another druggie in this world thats great man i really appreciate it. Smurfs kick ass and i never really new that shit until you said it haha. I was actually looking for a desktop of some shrooms but then i saw this and i sat down and read every single message...haha thats tight as hell man...yo and you said something about kissimme florida...i live about thirty minutes from kissimme in oviedo florida...if yall want some real shrooms come out to my town and i will hook you up wit some caps for the way jeff your a mother fuckin pimp man peace out bro i respect you


Posted by Jeff on 15-Dec-2003 12:03AM CST
Thanks, man.
Posted by an emailer on 22-Dec-2003 12:03AM CST

Dec. 22, 2003

dude those kids are gay, its fun making names and shit out of the names that they became popular from it takes some smarts to figure that shit out but dude the reason is because the creator is smacked off his ass anyway keep that shit coming, peace


Posted by an emailer on 24-Dec-2003 12:03AM CST

Dec. 24, 2003

if u notice in lord of the rings they all smoke pipe weed....put that on ya site coz they all look wrecked after


Posted by an emailer on 13-Jan-2004 12:03AM CST

Jan. 13, 2004

Well what made me crack up is that I was searching on ask jeeves and I typed in .give me trippy stuff to look at because I am high. and your website came up, and I have to give you two enthusiastic thumbs up, it proved to be funny as hell. It sounds like your just shooting shit, and everyone gets all serious about it. So the purpose of this is just to say that a crack up

Thanks, Spaz (NZ)

Posted by an emailer on 16-Jan-2004 12:03AM CST

Jan. 16, 2004

ok, well i think the whole switching lines and stuff in the word is a bit much, HOWEVER, you actually are on to something. i read a long time ago, that the word smurf is actually german for demon. i also read that the guy who had invented smurfs used shrooms, and once when he was already high, and out looking for more shrooms, he thought he saw little blue people running out of them. not to mention, gargomyle (however you spell it) is a warlock. i was not allowed to watch it when i was a child, and i don't let my kids watch it either.


Posted by an emailer on 10-Feb-2004 12:03AM CST

Feb. 10, 2004

First off let me say this is an interesting page. I am sure this was just a fun and pointless page you set up just to do it, not to try to corrupt children or "spoil" cartoons for any one. But I am shocked at how many people are so naive and uninformed about cartoons throughout history. I personally am not an expert on this subject but I have read some books and articles about it. Most of the children's novels that we have come to love and cherish were written by "druggies". Ok that term isn't exactly correct, let me explain. I don't know specific dates or time frames but opiates were common in our history. Now these weren't crazed maniacs all strung out, they were respectable people who used the opium for many different reasons. This is what helped with concocting quite a few of the children's stories we all read growing up. And many of these stories have drug related themes throughout them. Of course our children don't pick up on this, they have innocent unexposed minds. Therefore it is not bad for them to read, have read to them, or even watch now that most are made into cartoons and movies.

I don't know whether or not the creator of the Smurfs was connected to Shrooms, but it appears that it is quite possible. But no matter, I don't believe that you or your friends should be attacked or insulted by it. We must remember that because we, as adults, can see these links to things that many find unhealthy, children are innocent and have clean minds. Our minds don't corrupt themselves they are corrupted by thoughts and feelings that others teach them. So by our reactions to cartoons or novels or movies that we adults find small flaws in we teach our children.

That's just my humble thoughts on the matter.


Posted by an emailer on 17-Feb-2004 12:03AM CST

Feb. 17, 2004

how long dose it take for shrooms to get out of your system and one of your viewers says you might not be the same, now is that the same as meth changes you? phantom

Posted by Jeff on 17-Feb-2004 12:03AM CST
How should I know?
Posted by an emailer on 29-Feb-2004 12:03AM CST

Feb. 29, 2004

first off you are a fucking moron. after saying that what the hell are you on man. shrooms are actually a spiritual experience used by prophets in the time of jesus......otherwise known as manna......ever heard of the burning bush where god himself apeard........that dude was on these "shrooms" that you say are "bad".......i leave you with this question: why do you think these "drug mushrooms" are such a bad thing? just because of the politacal perspective is telling you ..thats why.

Posted by Jeff on 29-Feb-2004 12:03AM CST
I emailed this guy asking where I had said anything about shrooms being bad; he never replied.
Posted by an emailer on 3-Mar-2004 12:03AM CST

Mar. 3, 2004

actually heard that the creator of the show was shroomed out one day and saw little smurfs, and that's how he came up with them. Shit, i believe it. I've shroomed before and you hallucinate like hell...Someone's bound to see little blue things running around. And IS it coincidental that they live in mushrooms? i think not.

Chicken Wing

Posted by an emailer on 3-Mar-2004 12:03AM CST

Mar. 3, 2004

i was reading comments about what people thought of your conception... i believe it's highly possible... not that the author made it that way... but if you have ever done shrooms, you can appreciate the things that remain altered even in your soberness. i believe people don't even have to be on shrooms to feel some psychological affects of the drug. i've been drawing shroom art, and just seeing them makes me have a different perspective about the immediate surroundings. if you have ever done shrooms, you will understand that they bring order to the things that have none, and they make sense of things illogically explained. it's hard to explain if you've never done them, but for those of you have, im sure we share the same light.


if you're interested in shroom art and stories


Posted by an emailer on 8-Mar-2004 12:03AM CST

Mar. 8, 2004

I am new to shrooms, I don't really know what new means to many but I have not trip on shrooms as much as many that likes to brag about how smart they are about it because they done it lot's of time, I don't mean braging in a wrong way, After all I am open minded, but anyways why does shrooms makes me get things done in life. Once just because I was in shrooms I open up a contracting business because of my trip. I acomplish something that most of my family was surprise. I like shrooms and would like to meet other who do in person and in the internet community.

Ben from Phoenix AZ

Posted by an emailer on 9-Mar-2004 12:03AM CST

Mar. 9, 2004

Dude, that was hillarious. The reactions to the article I mean. I only read part of them, so I don't know if anyone mentioned thise, but here goes anyway. The Smurfs are adapted from a Belgian comic book called Les Schtroumphs. Now, I'm sure you can come up with some genius way to explain that that also really means Shrooms, but you're forgetting 2 things. First of all, if you have to change a letter and a pronunciacion, it's not an annagram. Second, I don't know what the Belgians call Shrooms, but I'm getting it isn't Shrooms.

Now, I have to say that coming up with the link was a fun idea. I mean, Smurfs may really have nothing to do with Shrooms, but hey, if you wanna link them, go right ahead. I mean, they're both fun and they're both a nice part of my life. Add to that the fact that I like combining things I like (Like cunnilingus and whipped cream, for example =D), I think it's seriously a great idea. Thanks a lot.

Alex Maraville AKA Oberon King of the Green Fairy (Absinthe, that is).

Posted by an emailer on 11-Mar-2004 12:03AM CST

Mar. 11, 2004

I'm not sure if I follow as to why you have a website involving illegal drugs when you yourself have never experienced the drug. Of course when you create a site using shrooms and the smurfs, people who are involved with the drug will tell you about it and hope that they can relate to you. Unfortunately for them you are clueless and unaware of what they are talking about. Children read your website, which by all means is fine, but why make fun of their sentence structure and their opoinons. Last time I checked it was a free country to say what was on your mind. By having this website, of course dumbfucks are going to read it and comment on whatever they feel necessary. Im not going to throw a irrelavent comment as to why i think your " gay" or "stupid" but i just thought i would point out you opened yourself up for these kinds of emails.

Posted by Jeff on 11-Mar-2004 12:03AM CST
This guys seems to have seriously missed the point.
Posted by an emailer on 20-Mar-2004 12:03AM CST

March 20, 2004

i just found your website. im really suprised at the responces that you had, i acturly found it interesting and even if i did think it was a bit of hype, its a nice find. God, some people can be so immature (im 16 ffs!) and suspecting you look at kiddie porn? thats sick! only someone with a mind that looks at kiddie porn could think of such an insult! whats everyones problem with drugs? you either do it or not. i wish everyone would just STFU if they have opinions like of which came out a horses arse.


Posted by an emailer on 27-Mar-2004 12:03AM CST

March 27, 2004

Kudos to you for the interesting subject matter. Anyways, I'm in tenth grade taking World History, and our class has a theory on the Smurfs. See, in the time of the Romans, there were a group of people called the Celts. (I'm sure you have heard of them..) But these guys were enormous and scared the crap out of the little Roman mediterranean Peoples because all the Celts did was wage war on them. That doesn't really matter, but what does matter is that before these folks went to war, they painted themselves blue and then went out. This blue paint has been said to have certain effects.. as does crack and you know.. other drugs. So, this leads us to our theory... that the Smurfs only THOUGHT that they were six inches tall and lived in shrooms. There yeh go. Keep up the good work.


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