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[Analysis of Two Years of Email]

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An analysis of the number of emails that I received between Jan. 10, 2004 and Feb. 20, 2005. Spam messages are those identified as spam by SpamAssassin; some of the remaining messages are actually spam messages that slipped below SpamAssassin’s threshold.

The valley around July 24, 2004 corresponds to when I reconfigured my email system.

The “event” around the first week of October 2004 corresponds to a period of time that SpamAssassin was broken on my email system, and the November 2004 event corresponds to network downtime around Thanksgiving.

As for the February 2005 peak in spam, I have no explanation for that event.

My mailbox analyzer silently failed in the middle of August 2005; I didn’t notice this until December 2005. The noise in the last few months of the chart is due to hiccups at my ISP and hosting provider.

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